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Your Team Are The Heart of Your Business. How Do You ‘Praise’ Them?

Your Team Are The Heart of Your Business. 

How Do You ‘Praise’ Them? 

From the desk of Vicki Mayson 

spot prizeI’ve just handed out two ‘On The Spot Gifts’ to two team members that have helped me out this week.  And come to my rescue with some much needed resources, “Thanks guys.” That got me thinking, how do YOU praise or reward your team?

Here’s a look at what we do at MPOD….

As some of you will know we use TINYpulse “Cheers for Peers” which is a fantastic tool.  If you haven’t already got it you should take a look – we take it one step further and we hold Cheers parties every month. The person with the most cheers and the person who gave the most cheers receive a prize, (we have an extra-long team break with cake and we read out all the Cheers that have been given for the previous month).

Plus we also have our “On The Spot Gifting Box” where we hand out a gift to team members who have gone out of there way to do something or put a great idea forward or done something that little bit different.

We also do most of the tips and ideas I’m sharing with you here.  I hope some of them come in handy, it’s nice to have a good mixture of ways to appreciate your team.

Here’s My Top 10 tips

  1. Go old school and send a card, rather than giving a team member a pat on the back or high five, send a card to their home. Don’t just leave it on their desk or hand it to them.
  2. Take photos of your team’s accomplishments or take candid shots of them hard at work. Celebrate their contributions by creating a collage on the office wall or staff room.
  3. Spontaneous treats;bring in doughnuts one morning or chilled drinks on a hot afternoon. Let your team take a quick break to kick back and relax before they go back to their task at hand.
  4. Put a sincere acknowledgment of a team member in your ‘Done For You’ newsletter. This takes only a few minutes of your time but creates long-term ‘trophy value’ for the team member.
  5. Tell a team member’s story of accomplishment at your huddle. Detailed stories are perceived as more interesting, meaningful, thoughtful, and memorable.
  6. Take a team member to lunch to show your appreciation. Remember to do more listening than talking.
  7. Say ‘thank you’, an all-too-obvious, yet highly underused form of appreciation.
  8. Surprise treats, at the end of the day when everyone’s gone home, stick a chocolate bar, their favourite snack, or treat in their desk drawer. They’ll be able to start their day off on the right foot after they’ve found their surprise.
  9. Recognition Day, or on team bonding days keep a section back and organise a formal team recognition day at work. Make a whole event out of it with food, awards, and team building activities.
  10. Offer new professional opportunities. Show you have faith by giving team members new responsibilities and projects. Give them clear objectives, and then support them as they reach for these goals.

Why not share some of your top tips on team appreciation on our MPOD Members Facebook page?

Until next time

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