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Treasure Map 2018

Treasure Map

MPOD’s Treasure Map

January 26/27 2018 – Manchester Hilton Hotel

The Go To Event For Dental Professionals Looking To Take Their Career Further!



What Is Treasure Map?

A 2 Day Dental Conference For Private Dentists Looking to Grow Their Business. Where Many Leading High Growth Dental Practices Will Meet and Share The Best Proven, Tested, and Implementable Ideas.

Introducing this years keynote speakers…

Meet Nigel Risner

If You’re In The Workplace, Be In The Workplace.

Are You And Your Team IN The Workplace? Are Your Team ENGAGED In The Workplace? Are You And Your Team Constantly COMMUNICATING The Best Way You Can? Are You And Your Team Producing Consistent RESULTS You’ve Always Dreamt Of?

Would you just love a more MOTIVATED team, honest communication and teamwork that is second to none? Then this is just for you, a Principal in need of strategy, tactic, insight to the next stage of your growth.

Nigel Risner is speaking at this year’s Treasure Map experience in Manchester.

Do you need and want new rules for better communication? Think your people will take onboard his ideas up close, in person rather than you coming back to the practice with a few of his books? Get you and your people here. You deserve better.

“Nigel Risner”


Meet Peter Bradley

Online Reputational Reviews Starts In The Hearts And Minds Of Your People. Just ask Peter Bradley formerly from the Red Carnation Hotel Group, who is appearing at Treasure Map 2018.

When we first started visiting the Montague on the Gardens five years ago in central London, all their hotels were rated number #1 in Trip Advisor. A huge feat and all driven by their engaged people delivering memorable moments, which then promoted the customer to write a review.

This, of course, does not happen by magic. There is an unknown five step process that starts at a grassroots level with your people. Peter Bradley does not speak for a living, he is a coal face, service led warrior leading a team of hospitality in the hundreds.

“Peter Bradley”


Meet Andrew Kluge

Pushchair Millionaire Andrew Kluge Will Reveal How To Be The 2nd Best Workplace, Create Dreams Come True For His Team, & Quarterly Once In A Lunchtime

Yes there’s an indoor slide and giant beanbags that could swallow an elephant, yes there’s a gym, ping pong and state of the art fittings, but that’s just the physical environment. The whole place runs on pattern and passion. From revolutionary work/life balance ethic to a values system based on respect and understanding, small wonder there’s an inspirational vibe as soon as you walk in the unassuming doors.

“Andrew Kluge”


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This Was Treasure Map 2017: Results Rule

Why Should You Consider Attending Treasure Map?

What People Are Saying About Treasure Map

Treasure Map, 12 Years In The Making

Why Jon Swarbrigg Goes To Treasure Map

Why Chris Branfield Goes To Treasure Map

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What the attendees said about last years event…

Carol Edmiston - Adelphi Dental

“Just wanted to say a massive well done to you both (and the team) for a brilliant few days”

Bev Harston - Glendair Dental

“The content was life changing….. I don’t know where to start this morning I want to implement everything”

Sat Kelley - Heath Dental

“Anybody who doesn’t bring as many team members as possible must be mad”

Clare Chavasse - Titchfield Dental

“It has been the most inspirational weekend I have been to for a very long time”

Chris Branfield - Castle Park Dental

“Went through my notes last night, bloody hell, so much great stuff. My team loved Cally’s presentation”

Jon Swarbrigg - Farsley Dental

“you, cally and the team have helped so many people grow way out of their comfort zone!”

Ketan Shah - Brightside Dental

“Thanks Tony, Cally and all your team for another fantastic Treasure Map, which I would say is my best one so far”

Andy McDougall - Spot On

“thank you for a wonderful, inspiring couple of days. Got home and wrote pages of ideas for changing our business”


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The Treasure Map Experience

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Treasure Map


What Our Attendees Say…

“It was absolutely phenomenal”

We’re at the Treasure Map Experience at Marketing Pirates of Dentistry. It’s day two. Yesterday we had a full day of absolute golden nuggets.

This is my eleventh, I’ve been to everyone, and I keep coming back because every year I learn something new.

We’re all buzzed up, my team’s all buzzed up. It was absolutely phenomenal. Great set of speakers, great set of people. What more can you want?

Chris Branfield – Castle Park Dental 


“Value on it, it’s pretty much priceless”


Just enjoyed the MPOD annual conference, here in Manchester. For me it’s three of the most important days of the year. We meet on the Thursday- because I’m part of the Roll, we’d be red group and have been for the last five or six years.

The Roll, would be red group for me, is one of the most important groups for the meet up because it makes me accountable for the 90 day goals. It gives me the chance to sit with some very privileged company really, with some great practice owners and business owners and totally facilitate a great day.

Like I say, you set your 90 day goals and then you’re accountable, and that’s what drives results. The MPOD conference then is a chance for me to bring all that team along for them to benefit and, I’m going to say absorb, the knowledge that’s in the room. Provides a real focal point for our calendar year and not only for us to reflect on what we have done over the last 12 months, but also what we’re going to do as a team moving forward in the coming 12 months.

It gives us great energy at the time of year when sometimes people have just finished post-Christmas, immediately, we’re into January and we go back and are charged. Everybody’s fueled up and ready to go.

So there’s huge energy amongst the team already, just from this morning’s session. It’s difficult to sort them in terms of value, it’s almost priceless to me. It’s really, really difficult to put something on it.

Personal development as well as business growth- our businesses continue to grow. We’ve now got 12 dentists, three hygienists, 25 staff working. So success, if it was just purely financial figures, yep, the practice continues to grow.

We had a record growth year last year. We were up 23% on the bottom line. Our EBITDA has continued to grow, it’s up another six percent from last year. Personally, just watching the people who have come now as the team, to the last- I think it’s four or five MPOD’s that we’ve brought the whole team to. Just to watch them personally develop as well, it’s phenomenal as well.

I think you can measure success in number of different ways, not just financially. So, being now, part of an empowered team that leads the decisions in the practice without me having to be there, is probably the biggest success I would say over the last five or six years that we’ve gone to.

Value on it, it’s pretty much priceless.

Jon Swarbrigg – Farsley Dental, Dental Excellence at Harewood


“changed our perspective on dentistry”


I’m Khalid Master. I’m a principal and partner at Bank View Smiles Studios with Thomas Sarpong. We’ve been MPOD members for about four years now. I think honestly speaking its changed our perspective on dentistry and certainly practice management ever since we had the fortune of meeting Cally and Tony in Birmingham a few years ago.

This is our fourth treasure map. A couple of times we’ve brought our whole team with us. This year is one of those years. I strongly urge any members that are out there, first of all people that want to become member, I think MPOD are the best things for your business. For those of you who are already members who come maybe as principals but not bring your teams with you. I really think your missing a treat. You really need to bring everyone. We did this last year when we brought select few and not the whole team.

When you’re trying to go back and you come back with so many ideas. Trying to relay them by converting of 16 hours of learning of tips and tricks. Trying to put them across in a lunchtime or in between patients, it just doesn’t work.

I think that often that you’ve got to be here to be able to be able to really appreciate that. I think for your team to hear it firsthand will bind your vision of what you want for your practice and your business. It’s not a strong sell. It becomes automatic. The best thing of the, that the members that bring all their teams on a regular basis, they’ll tell you, as will I, the ideas come from them.

I think that when they do it and they come up with the ideas and take ownership it’s so much easier for you as an owner or as a partner to bring your business forward. So, loads and loads of ideas as usual. We’re looking forward to today as well and I’m sure, we’ve got the time set aside on Tuesday where we’re all going to discuss everything as a team and hopefully put loads of things into action.

Khalid Masters – Bank View Smile Studios 

“I Love Coming To MPODs Treasure Map”

kenny smallI’ve joined MPOD last year and this is my first treasure map in a glorious hotel in Manchester. In Hilton. It’s been a fantastic two days. What I’ve learned is … well there’s so many things that I’ve learned today and would like to implement. It’s about being a better you.

I’ve spent 19 years as a NHS dentist and doing the same thing over 19 years not knowing nothing about leadership, not knowing anything about how to communicate with people, how people relate with people, how to relate to patients, how to generate leads and build up a private list. Whereas this has given me the tools to do that.

I was coming from the angle of being a NHS dentist for 19 years and wanting to build on the private side. So far, it’s given me the confidence to do that. I know the things, the tools, that you need to do to become a better practice owner, and how to lead teams, and hopefully how to develop into a good leader. Because at the present moment, and for the previous 19 years, I didn’t have that. I didn’t even know you needed to do that.

So that’s what so far it’s taught me. It’s a slow progress of development that’s hopefully, in the next couple of years I can look back and this has been an instrumental moment in my life.

Trishan Mahli – Cavendish Dental

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