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‘Online Reputational Reviews Starts In The Hearts and Minds Of Your People’

peterbradleyInspirational Dentistry Workplace Professor Peter Bradley, Formally Red Carnation Hotel Group 


‘Online Reputational Reviews Starts
In The Hearts and Minds Of Your People’

‘94% of Consumers Would Use A Company With A 4 * Review’

So this begs the question… how many online reviews do you have to have, need in order to make her buy? Keep reading to find out. Many Members are playing mini games to make this a reality. Reviews are Reputation. They are the digital superhighway trust currency especially for younger consumers and even 50 plusses.

But the second, third, fourth big reputational question is how do we procure 5* reviews, how do we get people to say positive things, to love us? First, as Peter Bradley is famous for saying, create memorable moments in your business. Your people have to be fully engaged to deliver friendly service. ‘In 2016, 13.5 % of online reviews mention the words friendly, or rude and 26.8 % talk about service.’ (

I am pleased to announce Peter Bradley from the Red Carnation Hotel Group is appearing at Treasure Map. When we first started visiting the Montague on the Gardens five years ago in central London, all their hotels were rated number #1 in Trip Advisor. A huge feat and all driven by their engaged people delivering memorable moments, which then promoted the customer to write a review.

This, of course, does not happen by magic. There is an unknown five step process that starts at a grassroots level with your people. Peter Bradley does not speak for a living, he is a coal face, service led warrior leading a team of hospitality in the hundreds. He has a proven system and he’s sharing this priceless insight with your team at Creating An Inspirational Dentistry Workplace, Manchester 22.

Peter will also share how to provide instant recognition and reinforce your culture, but he is taking it one step further. Discover Red Carnation in-house training programme called ‘HQ Island’ where he takes every single member of the Red Carnation team and trains them on a secret book, how to provide memorable hospitality, what they are empowered to do, provide instances of what’s happened in the past and so forth. Next Peter will share how he rewards and recognises staff achievements.

Prizes for people who have done the ‘Most Memorable Action of the Month’ and people who have been the ‘Green Person of the Month’ and the ‘Sales Person of the Month’. You can tell people that they are empowered to do it, you can provide instant recognition, but that is where it will end if there isn’t then something on a monthly, or bimonthly or biannual basis, which also helps to reinforce that message. If not then it will fade out.

Discover Red Carnation Hotels 12 Service Standards that his team members carry around and their 5 values. This hospitality. This is the real business you are in. You will never see Peter speak in dentistry ever again. If you want more online 5 * reviews then your people have to be empowered to make that happen. Peter will sprinkle his magic dust over your people. Sit back and relax, let him create your inspirational dentistry workplace. As Jon Swarbrigg says, ‘its better off coming from someone else not just you the owner’.”

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Confidental reviews on facebook

Double Your Facebook Reviews in One Month!

Double Facebook Reviews in One Month!

Back in January at Treasure Map 10 I was on stage talking about lead generation and conversion. In particular I focussed on obtaining more reviews, be that on Google or Facebook.

I’m glad to say that the audience listened. Since I got back I have produced 4 “Get a review” documents for 4 different practices as they strive to increase their patient feedback.

But it’s actually a practice what already had a copy of the document that has caught my eye. Hats off to the guys at Confidental Smiles. As you can see from the screen shot, they increased their reviews on Facebook by 41 in just over a month. That’s some going.

Confidental reviews on facebook

Tony asked Sandeep, one of the owners of Confidental what was their secret. Sandeep’s reply…We just asked!

It really is that simple. I’ve now challenged them to become the first MPOD member to pass the 100 review mark. They’ll have to keep up the good work because Dentistry on the Square are gunning for the title as well. They are currently on 71 reviews and as I write, they are just 12 likes off the 6000 mark on Facebook!!!

I remember back when we started that page with no likes, and look at them now!

But why the focus on Facebook likes and reviews? Let me explain… Dentistry is no different to any other business. When people are interested in your services they will do 2 things.

Number 1 – They will check your website out (along with your competitor’s sites) and they will look to see if you match their criteria.

Number 2 – They will search Google and Facebook then for social proof. They want to see that you are still active and they want to know what experiences other people had when they came to see you.

At the end of the day your website shows people what you want them to know. You’re not likely to put up a crap testimonial are you? Where as on Facebook you have no control. Facebook and Google reviews speak the truth, the real truth, not an edited version of the truth like a website.

It’s therefore important to show as many reviews as you can, so that you can convince that new lead to come to you and not the guy down the road. After all that’s what the lead wants, they want to choose you, they just need some reassurance.

Treasure Map Dental Conference

What Did I Learn From Treasure Map?

What Did I Learn From Treasure Map?

Firstly, what a pleasure it was to meet up with lots of our Members both old and new. And also a special thank you to everyone that listened to my presentation, the feedback has been very positive. It really was a Liberating Dental Revolution. 

Anyway the big thing that I took from Treasure Map is being unique, and what I mean by that is injecting your personality in everything that you do from your website, to your offline graphics, phone calls to emails. The more personal you make your business the more people will respond.

Let me explain…when we go to Treasure we are taken aback by the response we get from our members on a personal level, not a business level. This is because we are open and honest and remain true to ourselves and our core values.



You make the connection with the individual to build strong, lasting relationships.

I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there that can set up quality Google and Facebook adverts, but do they understand you and your business and your target markets the way we do?

Whenever I have a call with a new lead generation client I always use the following example-

“When you take your car to the mechanic, you got to the guy you trust, that always delivers quality service. Each mechanic can offer the same services, but you don’t buy into the service, you buy into the individual”.

That’s why we incorporate as much of your personality into your lead generation and convertion systems. We want new leads to get to know you the person, to trust you, before they know you the dentist. This is the best way to set yourself away from the rest and build long term lasting relationships with your valued clients.

So let me ask you, what are you going to do this month to make you stand out from the crowd?

Stay away from competing on price and instead compete on personality.

Look at new ways in which you can interact with your potential audience. Make sure you add personal replies to each Facebook and Google comment and review, make your clients/leads feel special and appreciated.

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