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Pushchair millionaire Andrew Kluge will reveal how to be the 2nd best workplace, create dreams come true for his team, & quarterly once in a lunchtime

Pushchair millionaire Andrew Kluge will reveal how to be the 2nd best workplace, create dreams come true for his team, & quarterly once in a lunchtime


Yes there’s an indoor slide and giant beanbags that could swallow an elephant, yes there’s a gym, ping pong and state of the art fittings, but that’s just the physical environment. The whole place runs on pattern and passion. From revolutionary work/life balance ethic to a values system based on respect and understanding, small wonder there’s an inspirational vibe as soon as you walk in the unassuming doors.

Why Cosatto are unique and why they won 2nd place in the Great Places To Work Awards 2016:

1. Andrew Kluge is the man who started it all. From an enterprising 16 year old with a sewing machine, to CEO of one of the most successful pushchair brands in Europe. This guy’s something of a visionary. He’s just won ‘Most Trusted Leadership’ award too.

2. They have an office slide from one floor to another. No more stairs. Need we say more?
Demonstration # 1


3. Every year one lucky employee is granted their ‘once in a lifetime’ dream, voted for by the whole company. Past crazy stuff includes a Cosatto style wedding (think ‘real’ unicorns and fox tails) cycling in the Alps and climbing Everest.
Demonstration # 2


4. Every quarter, staff get the chance to win ‘Once in a Lunchtime’ – with smaller scale prizes such as baking
macaroons in Paris to jumping out of planes. No biggie.

5. They are a charitable business and give a percentage of their profits to a different employee’s charity of choice each month. Last month they raised £2,247 for the Child Bereavement UK charity.Demonstration # 3


6. Monthly award ceremonies where staff nominate superstar employees. It’s always a long list too. Prizes include Prosecco, chocolates, charity donations and of course the original Cosatto superstar badge.Demonstration # 4


7. ‘Fruity Mondays’ see endless grapes and bananas delivered into the office giving staff their zest for life.

8. From multi award-winning products to coveted business awards including ‘Great Places to Work’ and ‘Responsible Business Award’ – the trophy room’s been showing off big time.

9. Street parties on our very own Kluge Lane with all Cosatto staff and our local friends, with activities that include visits to Mystic Meg, Dunk a Director and Coconut Shy. Demonstration # 5


The family friendly atmosphere combined with a results-oriented culture of individual responsibility and freedom to work when/where they want, has empowered staff. It has only served to increase their passion and performance further.

“I have never worked for a company that is so open to sharing, which is credit to our CEO and his nature to inspire people through honest motivation and sharing’ – A happy Cosatto bod. One of many. Don’t miss this once in your dental lifetime to see it real from the trenches only at Treasure Map. Not textbook B.S. But real culture creation and sustainability.

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Dentistry: A Shocking Glimpse of 2017

Dentistry: A Shocking Glimpse of 2017 

From the Desk of Tony Gedge  

nuclearJust when you thought things couldn’t get any better – you were right.  

I seldom make predictions, most who do, ALWAYS get it wrong. 

But today, after being in dentistry for my thirteenth year, and working with hundreds of dentists and their teams seeking more FREEDOM, and with some who’ve EXITED for large sums and most now achieving more purpose, more progress and more profit, than ever before…here is a word of caution to my 104 existing members about the coming year of 2017.

FIRST, I make THREE safe, for 2017 without egg on my face, which by the way is only six months away as I write. The only principal getting it wrong in 2017 is the business owner who chooses not to consume this urgent warning and more importantly… take action.  Ready? 


IDH, rebranding to My Dentist, the McDentistry corporate vulture and numbers based behemoth, with a soulless culture will in fact burden, affect, and further annoy you in 2017.

I have witnessed firsthand how they can easily loose twenty percent profit of their newly acquired private practice in the first year.

The thing is, if they open up next door, you WILL lose a chunk of change. Your PATIENT DEFECTORS may score low on your “Client Happiness Index”. But they are still worth something to IDH’s balance sheet. Make no mistake your cash flow will suffer in 2017 if you carry on doing what you did yesterday. Make sense so far?


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