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 What If? – EVERYTHING You’ve Ever Been Told About Attracting & Converting Short Term Ortho Patients

(Especially By Your Web & Graphic Design People)


Don’t get left behind after attending your short term ortho course. Get this book.

First, do NOT spend another penny on ‘short term ortho’ advertising until you read this.

“CFast claim its top 20 dentists are all under the guidance of Tony Gedge
and his team. What is it that they know, and you don’t?”

I have seen very successful dentists and on the ball treatment co-ordinators make serious mistakes before- during and after consultation with straight teeth prospects, and I can assist you in avoiding those PERILS, PITFALLS and PROBLEMS offer down to earth and REAL advice to plough through the next stage of your continuous professional development and PRACTICE GROWTH.

Consuming this ‘at the coalface’ information today may save you from costly mistakes starting tomorrow!


TonyTony Gedge, a straight teeth growth strategist marketing to women and teens only, and the highest paid “Crooked Tooth” copywriter charging between £10,000 and £30,000 per project.

Gedge is an ex night club and record label owner pulling in crowds of 3,000 in a single night,taking Boy George on a European tour, once paying a DJ £15,000 for one hour, spilling red wine  down Robbie Williams white shirt, and refusing entry to actor Sean Bean.

At the same time Tony named an area of Leeds ‘The Exchange Quarter’ and created the ‘Leeds Food and Drink Festival’. (Tony’s first entrepreneurial seizure came at the age of 7), his father in a Canadian prison for money laundering & after the electricity cut off for the 7th time, he vowed his kids would never endure that pain.

At age 32, Tony semi-retired and now along with his wife Cally and twins mentoring 103 dentists to add more PURPOSE and PROGRESS and PROFIT to their lives.

Tony resides in Spain with his family for the past ten years and is co-founder and trustee of the Dental Mavericks charity ending the daily dental pain of Moroccan kids.

Your copy of the FREE BOOK is waiting for you. Please note, this book is not a brochure, or a pitch. It is packed with examples, CASE STUDIES, “mistakes”, insights and built from 9 years and hundreds of thousands of pounds of experience, from working with 44 ortho clients and their teams.

This is vital information ABOUT MONEY your rivals are taking from your pockets- and it belongs on your bottom line. Don’t get left behind after attending your short term ortho course. Get this book.

Read This Book!

Read This Book!

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