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Smart Dentists Finish Rich

Special Free Tools For Successful Dental Practice Owners Who’d Like To Grow Their Practice

Secrets To Finish Rich … Revealed

There is a growing number of rival practices in your area including corporate raiders. In search of growth is getting tougher, added expense, with less net profit.

How much more of this “profit erosion” can you take?

Dentistry is stuck in a “no growth” to super slow growth economy!

We think the uncertain reality will hit home, with a fall in investment and slowdown in consumption as inflation erodes real wages,” says Liz Martins, UK Economist at HSBC.

You will know a few GDP superstars in your local area finishing rich, hoovering up big cases, selling out for ridiculous sums. You wonder if they are natural born sellers or maybe just good liars.

And you admit you are disappointed … everyone seems to be finishing rich. Dentistry is not what it used to be. The stench of more compliance, bureaucracy, government meddling, public litigation and GDC fear mongering is a heavy weight to bear.

How Much More Of This Can You Take? 

In this Dentists Finish Rich Kit you will discover something different. It’s a Rational, Emotional and More Enjoyable approach to dentistry, a Real, Practical, Efficient, Proven Step-By-Step Finish Rich System that works and is supported by many case studies featured in this information kit.

A solution so easy to execute that hundreds of busy, success-orientated GDPs use it daily and say they wish they’d got in on this earlier. This is the same information that is helping Dentists Finish Rich. Now for the first time I am making this under the radar practice growth approach available to dentists only in certain areas of the country. If you have received this Kit it means we might not have a client in your area. MPOD operate an Area Exclusive Programme.

Look everything over. Read my newest book. Listen to the CD. Then talk with Finish Rich mentor, Cally, at MPOD. Cally is second to none and she produces results! Do not let the corporates take what is rightfully yours. Don’t watch from the sidelines and pick up the scraps. Join them and Finish Rich.

What Can MPOD Do For You?

Free Booklet For Successful Dental Practice Owners Who’d Like To Grow Their Practice

What Can MPOD Do For You?

If you’d like to know more about how MPOD have helped build more purpose, progress and profit into our members dental practices.

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