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Core Values & Service Standards

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Top 7 Service Standards

  • Smile And Use Positive Attitude When Answering The Phone
  • First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions Make It Count
  • Treat Every Client Like Their Your ONLY Client
  • You Spot It , You Fix It, You Follow It Through
  • Practice A “Yes I Can” Attitude At All Times
  • No Request Too Large, No Detail To Small
  • To Suggest Is To Sell And To Sell Is To Serve 

Our Core Values

  • We Give A Damn 
  • Positive Spirit 
  • Build Strong Relationships
  • Say It As It Is
  • Giving Back 

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  • Lead Generation Systems
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  • Rise Up Program

(Most Dental Practices can profit from at least 25 % more visitor conversions with these proven tactics in place.)

Let us be honest with you. Bespoke sessions, and the breadth, depth, and honesty of Cally’s findings – make a refreshing change. You’ll be glad to know she does not spout jargon, and numbers; only return on investment.

She is NOT a cool techy kid. She is a dental marketing strategist! She speaks the truth. So please don’t expect a sales pitch!

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