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Rise Up Programme

To bring your team on board as fast as possible and to get results faster this is a brief outline of the  “Rise Up” Programme.  Tony observes your practice and clinicians for a full afternoon. Then takes you to dinner to discuss his findings which are also produced in a full report.

Tony will be focussing on such things as…

  • Assembling a Unified CORE MESSAGE for Community Prominence
  • Why Your Referral Rate Is Low – and how to create an unlimited supply
  • Branded Marketing Pieces “I Make You These Five Promises”
  • Branded ‘Risk Reversals’ for All Treatments, Products, Services
  • 5 Brand New Competitive Advantages & How To Communicate Them
  • Team On Board THREE HOUR Session And Ready To Buy Into Your Vision
  • ATTENTION GRABBING Team Photos for Marketing Purposes
  • And much more…

Then the following day is with the FULL practice team including hygienists.

  • Ease Infighting
  • Grow Workplace Harmony
  • Understand Which Patients Are Best Suited to Different Clinicians
  • Get More Done In Less Time
  • Convert Prospects and Patients Faster
  • Builds, Bonds, Binds Your Team Together
  • Expand Patient Retention and Case Acceptance

Think of it. No more falling out. 

You are excited to come to work and know each team member respects their different personality traits. Work is assigned to the RIGHT person for that task. Bitching, moaning and whining is a thing of the past. And you feel the sheer unbridled thrill and excitement and are confident about the future of dentistry.

Imagine the dynamics of your team are nothing short of spectacular. It’s a dramatic development in how you recruit, motivate and keep your team.

You have staff who never seem to fit in. Never come to staff events and work in isolation. No matter what you do, you cannot get through. But now you have a secret weapon. Your team now understands what’s been going wrong. They know what to do to bring her ON SIDE.

Breakthrough Dynamics of an Ultra Performing Dental Team is designed for a full day of discovery and three monthly ongoing telephone conferences. No escape from positive behaviour change, account ability, and to put into practice.

And if you know anything about MPOD, you understand it’s what happens AFTER that counts! Your three follow up conference calls will be on a set lunchtime at 12:45 p.m. for 20 minutes, and they will be made available in a special area for replays.

“one of the best days we have ever had”

JON-SWARBRIGG“We have just finished our Rise Up Programme Day with Tony. And I have to say that having known him for 8 years… it’s probably one of the best days we have ever had with him.  

My whole team has been on it today and we have had a fantastic time. In addition everybody has learnt something and more importantly we have all been able to take something away to apply straight into the practice now.”

From Jon Swarbrigg, Farsley Dental Practice

epsom logo

“We feel that we are going to get loads of support from the MPOD”

So today after doing the rise up day with Tony from MPOD, we’ve really had a fantastic day, the team are really energised at the end of the day and we’ve got loads of action plans, loads of things that we really think are going to be positive for the practice to implement. We’ve got a plan to do it, we’ve got time scales to do it in. We feel that we are going to get loads of support from the MPOD team and we can’t wait to get cracking really.

The main thing we took away from today, there were so many really, but the main thing is getting our customer service feedback, implementation going and I think that will really help us to measure how we're doing to improve things and to then get the word out how well we’re doing and let our patients know.

Chig Amin
Epsom Dental Centre


Matt Says “The Team Has Been Really Motivated”

Hi there I’m Matt Lamb from Glendair Dental Practice we have just finished our Rise Up Day with Tony Gedge, Marketing Pirates of Dentistry.  The Team’s been really motivated today we have learnt a huge amount today.

As a principle here, often it is difficult to carry on and keep moving and what I am going to take away from today is the consistent persistent.

 Matt Lamb 
Glendair Dental, Alfreton

Bev Says “The Next 90 Days Are Totally Focussed”

Hello I’m Bev Harston and I’ve been on Marketing Pirates of Dentistry’s Rise Up Programme Team Day at Glendair Dental Practice.

The best thing I have got out of today is that the next 90 days and the next year are totally focused. 

We have got lots to do with deadlines, shapes the future of Glendair, we know where we are going and the overriding message from today is to make Glendair’s future bigger than it’s past!

 Bev Harston
Glendair Dental, Alfreton


cavendish header

“Tony has instilled belief and enthusiasm in my team”

Hi my name is Kenny, I’m Principle of Cavendish Dental Practice and I’ve just had the Rise Up Programme with Tony coming to the practice.

The one thing I’ve seen is the amount of belief and enthusiasm that Tony has instilled into my dental team more than what I could instil myself. 

It’s not me who can change the dental practice, I can only do one bit of it. It’s the rest of the team that can change the dental practice, bring it up to the next level and improve the customer service.  Tony has shown us what we need to be as a customer service business that does dentistry and looking at it from that point of view.

Trishan Malhi
Cavendish Dental Practice

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