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Results. Not social media impressions. Your impact social media blueprint

Results. Not social media impressions.

Your impact social media blueprint


Mike Leach may be a Liverpool fan, but there is no one in dentistry right now who knows more about making social media pay its way than him.


Social media is a pain and a necessity. Many social media experts proclaim it’s the saviour, the new kid on the block to attract high profit procedure patients and complex cases. But that couldn’t be further than the truth.

Straight teeth prospects – 18-30 years old, do live on social media rather than TV. Social media is the NEW TV. But most of their mums and dads are still not there yet. But there is a way to find the 50-plus generation who are there.


Consumers now take their news from social media, as well as recommendations for products and services. In fact, if a business doesn’t have a 5-star rating then their chances of being frequented by a review seduced consumer is severely restricted.


But seeing as our conference will be all about making our people not happier as a clock-watcher can be happy, a person who slags off their colleagues in the kitchen can be happy, a colleague who underperforms who is clearly happy at work, a slacker who may also be happy… happiness is not our objective here. But what is?


To Stand United

Your objective is to get your people emotionally connected to a purpose, a philosophy that all your people stand behind.


Mike heads up MPOD’s Impact Social Media. We have severely rejected rolling out a social media programme for our clients, even though we’ve been managing social media for some. It’s taken 5 years to prove we get results through a new framework to get bums on seats, but we also use it for recruitment. 


Mike will uncover how your team is essential to getting return on time spent on social media. Return on paid ads, what your people must do, when to do it, how to do it, what not to do. Without your people doing it, what any external marketing agency does doesn’t matter, you are missing half the pie. 


Mike will walk you and your people through case study after case study of the biggest mistakes he sees each and every day. For the past 5 years we have secretly been perfecting SOCIAL MEDIA WITH IMPACT. Not just impressions and other useless stats your social media expert fobs you off with, but real yardsticks.


Your people may drive your profit, but your people must be engaged in your social media strategy for 2018. Without a proven blueprint, you are simply applying bleach on BPE 4. Mike will demonstrate to your people how to model an impactful social media strategy producing results. Results rule, not impressions.

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