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People protocols. How (not) to make your people happy

People protocols

How (not) to make your people happy


From working in a male dominated, auto industry profession, being in the first five in the now hugely successful JCT 600 car chain, Cally knows a thing or two about keeping people unhappy within the workplace. 


But Cally also knows how to keep people happy. In a male chauvinist, automotive profession driven by fear, backstabbing, and well poisoners, Cally not only survived but thrived.


I’ll be honest with you, after we decided to grow MPOD from a nice business of just me and Cally, she rejected the calling. “I do not want to manage the emotions of people ever again”, she insisted. But she did and our rapid growth has only been possible with an engaged team.


How do you engage a team each and every day? How do you manage out well poisoners who will destroy your values, service standards and everything that you stand for? The well poisoner will muddy the mind, body and soul of new recruits, never mind your older team members. How do you do this? Cally has assisted dozens of Practice Managers through this process. There’s not a week goes by without at least one of our members managing out the wrong fit.


Dental Mavericks is one of the world’s leading dental charities. And all done within 7 years. Such a massive growth – now taking over 5,000 kids out of daily dental pain in just one week in North East Morocco – doesn’t happen by accident. Cally has built a culture bonded by strong values. It’s living by these values, processes, relationships and planning that makes the difference.


Easily Transferable

For the first time, Cally shares her people planning protocols. How to inspire a dental team that has never met before, in a third world country, and within 24 hours be working together in total harmony. Cally will walk you through her never before revealed process. This is easily transferable to your own practice as soon as you leave. 


But it also goes deeper than that. It starts at the recruitment phase. Cally will also reveal her recruitment process from on boarding to regular one-on-ones. Cally reveals all not only for leadership but each role every team member takes in creating and sustaining an inspirational dentistry workplace. You must not miss out on this most difficult art of attracting, retaining and constantly managing the emotions of people.


Cally says, you do not manage people, only their emotions. You’ll be itching to implement Cally’s simple strategies and tactics on Monday as soon as you get back. And the best part, your people will be even more eager than you!

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