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MPOD Methodology

The MPOD Methodology™ is a proven process for growing dental practices using direct response marketing.

MPOD help you acquire and retain high value patients for specific product treatments without wasting money on advertising that does not work. You don’t have to worry about being creative; we provide proven, tested, measurable marketing campaigns each month. All focussed in high yield returns from specific treatments.

We’ve acquired hundreds of thousands of new patients for our Members, using our unique MPOD Methodology™

And we do just one thing: measure everything to do with practice growth, then we hold ourselves accountable by insisting they look at these measurables to verify that we’ve significantly grown their new patient numbers and life time patient value.

Here’s an overview of our methodology

The MPOD Methodology™ is a proven process for growing dental practices using direct response marketing.

Furthermore, if you are generating new patient enquiries but failing to convert them into sustainable assets, you’ll find it useful. Here is a unique overview of the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Methodology™, which we implement in all our members practices.

The Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Methodology (MPOD Methodology™) – an accountable and systematic process. Linked to R.O.I – Return on Investment.

Beyond text book best practice

Often, dentists ask for a how-to video about patient attraction and retention and growth. A kind of best practice manual. Stuff like, website layout, phone, scripts, shiny new toys with zero R.O.I and so forth. As expected, investing in gizmos and tricks, and automated stuff, can and does damage your brand, conversion, and web site rankings. You just don’t progress at all.

The real secret behind best practice and one that most dentists don’t like to hear especially those looking for a quick fix, a silver magic bullet, or a fancy toy that will right their wrongs. But it isn’t about that at all. Best practice is a process starting at bottom up.  You see, attracting high value patients is often like an umbrella- some days up, some days down. The umbrella has to be up at all times, and it takes a robust system – a stair case requiring many steps, starting on the first step. You do the same getting patients dentally fit before cosmetic, restorative and complex work. Patient attraction is a science too, and psychology.

The MPOD Methodology™ goes against the grain of what most consultants are preaching. We’ve presented this stark philosophy at Treasure Map, but for the first time ever, and against the wishes of the majority of the MPOD team, our insider knowledge is published here. It doesn’t include refurbishing your practice at great expense, or spend 5 % of your gross on a marketing budget, or be on brand, whatever that means. The truth is, it is hard work. The success is in the way your team is brought on board and how they speak with prospects. It requires business building experience in many different skills to grow a business. But long in the tooth entrepreneurial business building is what it takes, it is what works time and time again. And this is what we do when we wake each and every day for our members. It is the results rule.

MPOD are very happy that some of the Uk’s most forward thinking dental practices have adopted the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Method™. So much so we have spent the last few years working with Members like Oliver’s Dental Studio, Farsley Dental, Smile Style, Dentistry on the Square, Village Dental, Southport Road Dental, Brightside Dental, Azure Dental, Liverpool Dental Spa, and hundreds of other outstanding dental practices. Increases of double digit growth is not uncommon.

Honestly, it works.

Furthermore, if you are generating new patient enquiries but failing to convert them into sustainable assets, you’ll find it useful. Here is a unique overview of the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Methodology™, which we implement in all our members practices.


If you can’t measure your marketing and get R.O.I – Return on Investment, It probably doesn’t work. Stop buying internet gimmicks that promise to bring you handfuls of new patients. Most don’t work and quite simply, you don’t need them! What you do need is nine years of experience in the dental field and forty combined years of entrepreneurial business acumen, a solid and sustainable strategy and proven tactics that works consistently, which MPOD provide.

Get R.O.I on your marketing spend by fixing your systems that waste thousands of pounds in lost web site traffic, new patient conversion and profit. Invigorate your team to maximise everything you can out of all that you’ve ALREADY got.

At MPOD we like to waste small amounts of money. Until a campaign is proven to work only then do you invest more money. You get ongoing online access to a large network of MPOD Members across the UK and in person at our quarterly, and annual meetings.

Stop advertising and marketing that doesn’t work. Reduce the cost of marketing and advertising by adopting our local media methods to gain more coverage.

Words Sell. We are trained and continue to develop ourselves in copywriting. It is the emotional appeal that gains attention, and the way she interacts with your words, that has an effect on whether or not she will do business with you. Tony Gedge is the highest paid direct response copy writer in UK dentistry today. His campaigns are charged from £5,000 to £50,000. His daily fee is £4,970. Why does he command such a fee, by the same repeat clients? Because it works.

Practice Pulse. Once strategy is set and driven and guided by your practice purpose and promises, it needs keeping alive. This is the PRACTICE PULSE. We issue our members with the tools, resources, agendas to make this a reality. Without pulse, the heart and all of it’s organs will die, or at best plod along with high blood pressure.


See how patients who have avoided the dentist for years gravitate to your practice and NOT your rivals. They will see you as their saviour and life transformer. By switching your practice from a ‘traditional practice’ full of fear, and low trust to our CARING SMILE ADVISOR role, treatment plan acceptance is easier than ever before.

Avoid abdicating marketing to your practice manager wasting time and energy. Get advertising ideas every month. MPODs tested, and scientifically proven, traffic-generating, plug and play R.O.I campaigns each month to drive highly targeted prospects to your practice the “MPOD Way”. Your campaigns are painting by numbers. That means the heavy lifting, testing and a results based approach has already been done for you!

Get highly targeted, qualified and motivated visitors both online and offline every month by implementing our under-the-radar marketing strategies—spend more time doing profitable dentistry instead of waiting for patients to call your business.

Spend more time learning and practising high profit procedures. Start reducing your clinical days by following our unconventional peak productivity, practice management and time-management systems. How would you like to earn 700 an hour working three days a week?

Profit from our APAC- allowable patient acquisition calculator. Never again guess how much you can spend acquiring patients for specific treatments. This unique process finally allows you to stop playing blind archery and plan for long term growth with a scientific approach.


Increase the LPV- life time patient value as you add more products and services, just for her.

Multiply your website conversion from 1% to 9 % NOW without increasing your advertising spend and get more phone calls, web forms filled out, general enquiries instantly as a result by adding our proven practice promises, and strong reasons WHY, she will buy from you.

Avoid outdated, and inexperienced internet marketing tactics. Increase prospective patients 10 X by following our local community internet domination principles. You convert those leads over time with our patient nurturing system by mixed media methods.

Control and dominate specific treatments in your local community and position yourself as the undisputed dental practice by utilising our proprietary PRACTICE PROMISES branding and positioning strategy that out smarts your rivals.

Are your hiring mistakes costing you money, wasted time, and disruption? If yes, discover our ‘Unorthodox Recruitment System’. Finally employ A Players.

WARNING: Practice managers can be chronic performers unless trained, motivated, and mentored by grizzly been there coaches. Let our team help your PM run the business the way it should be. We have a Diamond Practice Managers Club.

If you want more new patient acceptance, then move out of the way. Elaine Little from Dentistry on the Square is a super star ‘Smile Advisor’. Some months she converts over £100,000 of business. MPOD help recruit, motivate, and train treatment co-coordinators to close more business than you ever thought possible. So you can work three days a week and never worry about presenting treatment plans.

Conclusion and Just The Start…

As this overview has shown, MPOD Methodology™ is not about placing adverts or having a website; it’s a process of actions that embrace a wide range of activities. And at the same time not as sexy as adding ‘ new buttons’ or magic software, we have yet to find a more reliable, efficient and measured way to grow your dental practice.

Here’s what to do next

If you’d like to learn more about practice growth

Read the following case studies, which demonstrates our exclusive process in action:

These how-to guides will come in handy too.

If you’d like to outsource or delegate (not abdicate) your practice growth

Find out the ‘right way’, (not the ‘short cut way’) how we can assist in growing your profit. Arrange an Area Supremacy Demonstration with Cally Gedge. Cally will zero in on the biggest specific treatment and market niche opportunities available to you right now in your local community.

See Other Dentists Results

Former sceptical dentists reveal their growth results after leveraging MPOD’s Purpose, Progress and Profit philosophy. Discover R.O.I – Return on Investment results you can expect after joining as a Member of Marketing Pirates of Dentistry.

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