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What We Do Differently

The innovators of the Dental Marketing Profession, Tony and Cally have been helping dentists dramatically distinguish themselves in their local community, acquire and retain high spending patients and increase growth of people, patients and profit for over a decade.

In 2006 they created Marketing Pirates of Dentistry, an area exclusive to patient attraction and retention agency for busy dentists who want to dominate specific product treatments they love without wasting money on advertising that doesn’t give R.O.I – Return on Investment. MPOD create fun for the dental team in order to grow the practice.

Tony and Cally work behind specific treatment success stories and have done so for ten years. MPOD assists GDPs and their teams to fully understand what is needed to successfully grow their BUSINESS with the least amount of stress. Tony & Cally are successful entrepreneurs and (business growth strategists) – the only dental membership based company specialising in achieving more purpose-progress and profit within dentistry.

And perhaps more important their “giving back” attitude co-founded Dental Mavericks charity and ‘END MOUTH CANCER’ initiative taking on tour John Lennon and Elvis Presley’s tooth. Tony and Cally have resided with their family in Spain for nine years after both selling out from the night club/ bar/restaurant profession at just 31 years old and 34 respectively. Marketing Pirates of Dentistry is run by twelve strong team members in Alhaurin El Grande, Spain. The company has developed specialised and proven practice growth strategies working with 94 dental practices members from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and as far south as Brighton.

Collectively, their R.O.I Return on Investment marketing campaigns focussing heavily on copywriting, measurement, and asking prospective patients to request specific treatment information products, have resulted in attracting over 100,000 new patients and helped convert prospects through their proprietary follow up systems including direct mail, scripted phone conversion techniques, and mixed media. Each and every month they create cataclysmic dental promotions and bring together some of the brightest and most successful dentists, authors, entrepreneurs and business minds to participate in entertaining and profitable experiences.

MPOD Why We Do What We Do

We get up each and every morning to significantly improve the lives of dentists, their teams and their patients. It’s as simple as that.

MPOD Vision

We re-invent practice growth by supporting and guiding principles and teams through unique management, leadership and growth strategies. We add systems and processes to their practice based on sound return on investment, measurement and accountability principles.

We are a catalyst for change in local and global communities. We help practices become bedrock within their local community for healthy mouths and healthy bodies.

We reduce the fear associated with dentistry and get local and global communities back into dentistry to undo the damage of years gone by.

We encourage dental teams to participate in the ‘Pyramid of Dental Distinction’ to engage with local community through the following proven growth initiatives, 1) Adeptiveness and fantabulous in-patient customer service. 2) Prodigiously effective high visibility local community marketing. 3) Undertake big hearted community service and involvement.

Top 7 Service Standards

  1. Smile And Use Positive Attitude When Answering The Phone 
  2. First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions Make It Count 
  3. Treat Every Client Like Their Your ONLY Client 
  4. You Spot It , You Fix It, You Follow It Through 
  5. Practice A “Yes I Can” Attitude At All Times 
  6. No Request Too Large, No Detail To Small 
  7. To Suggest Is To Sell And To Sell Is To Serve 

Our Core Values

  • We Give A Damn ​
  •  Positive Spirit
  • Build Strong Relationships 
  • Say It As It Is 
  • Giving Back 

Why We Get Out of Bed Each and Every Day

We are certain that business and life is based around  PPP- Purpose, Progress and Profit. They put this philosophy into practice each and every day with dentists and their teams, unshackling clinicians from routine, mundane dentistry that keeps them from practising on Purpose that is available to any dentist, and inject motivation allowing Progress with their team and to finally stop worrying about practice Profit and to live their life to the fullest.


To give back to local and global communities whenever we can.

MPOD Connect

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