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Meet The Woman With The Adventure & Drive Of Eve Branson, The ‘Consistent Persistence’ To Never Accept ‘No’ & The Giving Back Attitude Of Mother Teresa 

Cally Gedge: CEO

cally-gedge-mpod-dental-marketingYou may know her as MPOD Operations Director and Co-founder and Trustee for the charity She is a strong believer in “putting back” into the world what is taken out. Cally loves adventure and travel which makes the perfect fit through Dental Mavericks.

To date the charity has taken over 4500 Moroccan kids out of daily dental pain. Cally leads a team to North East Morocco each year into the Rif Mountains.  And in May 2014, Cally took a team into the Atlas Mountains, and treat 90 young women in conjunction with the Eve Branson Foundation.

More importantly a mother of two gorgeous twins, Billy and Tallulah and wife of Tony Gedge. Yes, behind every great woman there is a lesser man!

Cally believes in a strong work ethic coupled with determination and stamina and ‘consistent persistence’ which she brings to hers, her clients and team members life each and every day.

Uniquely, Cally worked in the motor industry responsible for a million pound budget, sourcing and buying cars for the infamous millionaire Jack Tordoff, JCT Motors.

Cally has hands on experience creating businesses from scratch and growing them exponentially.  She is knowledgeable and comfortable about getting things DONE!

She built and owned the Soul Kitchen Café Bar in Leeds City Centre which she sold at a profit. And fifteen years later her customers still interact with her through Facebook!

—and while pregnant with twins Cally birthed Brainstorm Training a provider of NVQ courses for the hospitality sector. Twelve UK based Colleges bought the bespoke training and delivered it to thousands of students with major skills gaps.

Mrs Gedge is a forward thinking change agent who enjoys candour and creativity in business. She is not afraid to speak her mind. Cally’s big passion is the Diamond Practice Managers Club, a private group of 12 Practice Managers who meet at a special two day retreat with Cally twice a year in El Chorro, Spain. This closed door mastermind group focusses on the following 4 disciplines of fast practice growth, 1) Growing PEOPLE, 2) Understanding the practice PLAYING FIELD, 3) Managing, measuring and motivating team PERFORMANCE and 4) Growing the practice through increasing PROFIT.

disc-d-iCally has an exceptional eye for spotting opportunities and delivering results which is all the more relevant today within private dentistry.

For your benefit Cally runs MPOD from an office in Spain, the only proven results based done- for- you dental marketing and practice growth company in the UK.

In her spare time Cally is a Guide Leader & supports 8 local charities each year as part of the MPOD Foundation, giving back to those in need in and around Alhaurin El Grande, Spain.

Yes, it is true that the team at MPOD want area domination in YOUR marketing. “Area domination one of the many keys to our success in marketing and practice growth” says Cally, “and therefore we want like minded clients who express energy and ambition whilst injecting that most important ingredient of fun.”

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Not Your Usual Dental Business Consultant

Tony Gedge: Big Ideas Guy

tony gedge mpod

An ex-night club owner, he never took a Degree in business and he doesn’t give his business opinion unless asked.

Tony Gedge is an R.O.I – return on investment marketing strategist, practice building and turnaround mentor. He is editor of three R.O.I – return on investment newsletters for adding more purpose and progress and profit to dental practices.

For the past twelve years Tony has published three print newsletters for his network including ‘The Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Letter’, The R.O.I Letter, and The Profitable Practice delivering high yield marketing insights and for his ‘Sat on the Shoulders of Giants’ interview series Tony has interviewed over 350 authors, entrepreneurs, and business growth specialists including Paddi Lund, Yar Zuk, Larry Rosenthal, Paul Dunn and hundreds more.

Tony’s primary focus of his business life these days, however, is searching the globe for cutting edge information, technologies, ideas he can steal and distribute to his Membership, and personal clients and his elite MPOD Royal Ruby Red Mastermind group that assists them to constantly re-invent themselves and their businesses.

He studies history of advertising and marketing and holds the world’s largest ad collections featuring famous copywriters from the early 1900’s.

Tony also researches and collects artefacts from the greatest business minds that dentistry has ever produced including Dr Painless Parker, and showman PT Barnum, members of the highly secretive Lunar Society that started the Industrial Revolution including Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly and Ben Franklin.

Tony writes about unconventional sales and marketing ideas (“somewhat badly,” he says), as well as reports, books, videos, audio books on personal development. “I love my readership that appreciates the way I look at things”, Tony says. “And that is stimulating.”

disc-d-iHis books and business development programs include The Hidden Persuaders, 66 Marketing Secrets for Private Dentists, and eleven other practice growth systems. “How to Stop Her Search with You”, his twelfth initiative.

Tony continues to write about sales and marketing and personal development strategies for private practice on a daily, weekly basis in the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry e-zine and private client newsletters. 

Tony is available for two speaking engagements per year depending on location. This fee is donated to Dental Mavericks.

He also allows 4 days per year for private practice visits £4,800 per day. 

Tony is one of the highest fee earners of direct response copywriters in the UK private dental market generating £10,000 to £50,000 per project.


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Why A Computer Geek Got Married At Anfield

Mike Leach: Web Marketing Fanatic

mike leach mpodMike moved over to Spain 12 years ago searching for a better quality of life for his family. He works as part of the online team at MPOD.

A married father to his nurse wife Chris, and have a 15 year old daughter Abby.

Outside of work Mike is a massive football fan, supporting Liverpool. In actual fact he was married at Anfield, the stadium of Liverpool FC.

Previously a Project Analyst with O2 and Virgin Media in the UK and qualified in Microsoft Access, Excel and VBA. In fact Mike won the “Idea of the Year” award whilst working at O2 for developing a system that would save the company a quarter of a million pounds a year.

Mike has been part of the MPOD team for over 4 years now and handles the creation of websites, SEO, Social Media strategy, Pay Per Click implementation and management and direct mail graphic design.

Mikes DISC profile is “C”, meaning he is logical and analytical and uses his skills to ensure that your website receives plenty of visitors that convert into new patients.

If you decide to move forward with an MPOD Lead Generation & Conversion website, Mike will be the one to lead you through the process.

disc-d-iHe’ll be responsible for designing the website layout, ensuring its fully mobile compatible and complying with the latest rules set out by Google.

He also focuses on lead capture. Developing techniques that allow us to pinpoint exactly what is causing a new lead to contact you, where they came from, why they got in touch and if they eventually became a paying customer.

Using the latest analytical software so that he can identify what marketing campaigns are working for each member, what keywords are making the phone ring and where your site can improve.

Furthermore, Mike will be in control of your Facebook advertising. Designing the graphics, developing the headlines and call to actions, and deciding on the best methods in which to target your audience.

When he’s not working with online advertising, Mike is busy adding new content to lead generation websites and YouTube channels.

Mike also keeps up to date with the latest online developments, ensuring that MPOD are always ahead of the game. This includes more than 3 Google Online Certifications and training with Facebook.

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Meet The’D’ Style Brown Owl

Vicki Mayson: Office Manager

vicki mayson mpodVicki is MPODs Office Manager, during her career over 28 year she has been everything from an Office Junior, a Taxi Operator, Bar Person, Restaurant Manager, Retail Manager and just before moving to Spain, a Conference & Banqueting Manager.

Vicki moved to Spain in 2003 not long after the birth of her daughter Millie. Her main reason for moving was to find a better lifestyle in the relaxed Spanish town she lives in “Coin”, which is predominately Spanish.

Vicki and her husband Dave (who is a chef) launched a company called Bladerunner Chef, where they had the sole export rights to import “Le Chef” clothing to the Andalucía area.

After living in Spain for a few years Millie started school and was the only English girl in the entire school so soon picked up the language but unfortunately didn’t have any English friends, that’s what made Vicki decide to create a group called “Kidz Inland”.

The concept was to get local expat families together to make new friends and have fun, she organized monthly events for all the family and ended up with over 190 kids in the group.

Due to the great success of “Kidz Inland” Vicki started up a Brownie Unit which is part of British Guides in Foreign Countries and has been going strong for almost 3 years.

In 2011 Vicki started working for Marketing Pirates of Dentistry where she manages and measures the teams KPIs, being a “D” DiSc style (Dominance) this is an ideal role for her.

Vicki also organises all MPODs experiences such as Treasure Map, El Chorro, Treatment Plan Conversion Days, and Royal Ruby Red Days.disc-d-i

Furthermore Vicki makes sure the MPOD office runs smoothly, that KPI’s are met, that each team member is equipped with the correct tools  and processes to do their job.

Vicki is often the voice of MPOD. The one our members speak to when they have a request.

Each year MPOD choose a team member to accompany Dental Mavericks in Morocco. In 2013 Vicki became MPODs newest “Dental Maverick” where off her own back she excelled in taking on the role of “Patient Pathway”. Setting up the triage and managing the pathway from start to finish.

Outside of work Vicki enjoys putting term plans together for Brownies and encouraging the girls to learn new life skills.

She has a great social life getting together with friends for picnics and family days out. 

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Susan Ward

Susan WardSusan was born and bred in a small village called Allerton Bywater, Castleford in the UK.

After leaving the local comprehensive school Susan worked her way up through the ranks of a top law firm in Leeds, becoming a senior manager of a 35 strong IT team across Leeds, Manchester and London.

After 24 years service Susan was made redundant and decided it was time to change her life, in more ways than one. Not only was she embarking on finding a new job, but also decided that her personal life was ready for a new chapter and divorced, moving back to the village where she was born.

Susan not only took some time out to recharge her batteries and reevaluate her life, but during that time she met her “first love” Christopher again on a night out in a local pub.

Not long after, Susan and Chris set up home together in the UK but over the years they would spend most of their holidays on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.

It was on one of those holidays, sat with a glass of wine overlooking Benalmadena Marina that they decided it was the kind of new life they wanted together and to have a better work life balance, so they started planning their new life in Spain.

It was through acquaintances and friends that Susan is now working for the MPOD team in Alhaurin el Grande and living nearby with Chris, living the Spanish life.

They both believe that life really is too short and whilst you’re thinking about it someone else is doing it! So here they are both living the dream! Happy days!

Susan’s disc profile is “S” meaning she is conscientious and methodical in her approach.


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Jay Dickens

jay dickens mpod

Jay is the newest member of Marketing Pirates of Dentistry. She has been living in Spain for 13 years and after 8 years of living in Marbella she moved to up to Coin settle down with her 2 rescue dogs.

Jay was born in Portsmouth and moved to Spain when she was 18 after completing a BTEC in Sports Science at South Downs College.

Spain was her first stop in what was meant to be a few years travelling, however after a few months living on the Costa del Sol she decided to stay.

After a series of seasonal jobs in 2008 she found a small start-up company helping people organise their finances. The small start-up then grew over 6 years to a team of 30 sale and an admin team of 10 which she managed through all the stages of building the company.

In 2014 Jay wanted to start a family and had a baby boy in the October, now her Son is 2 and in nursery Jay felt the need to get back to work and soon applied to join the MPOD team where she is a now full time administrator.

Jay is an ’S’ style.


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Victor Zaragoza

Victor ZaragozaVictor is our most recent addition to the MPOD team. Born and raised in Spain, he chose to study English at the University of Malaga from where he graduated in 2014.

He spent some time in the UK, first as an Erasmus student in Coventry and later working for a rental car company in London.

After 7 months in the capital, Victor decided to move back to Spain where he could study his real passion, illustration and graphic design.

During the course he began doing occasional work for the MPOD newsletter, and on finishing it he became a regular member of the MPOD crew.

He now deals with a variety of visual tasks as well as giving his support wherever it is required by the team.

Victor is an ’S’ style.

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