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How Not To Get Beat Up By Your Bulldog Employee

How Not To Get Beat Up By Your Bulldog Employee



I did take precautions. I had two 6’5 doormen sat with me when I asked him for his keys to my nightclub, Liquid.

In those days it was a lot easier to get rid of someone for being a racist. 

I had a staff of about 20 at Liquid; at my first club, Love To Be, over 100. Then, some 20 years ago, I had absolutely no idea how to engage a team. I just employed ‘em on personality, put ‘em behind the bar, on the Technics SL1200 turntables or the front door. We bonded at the end of the night for our usual lock-in with friends and staff. 

There is no doubt about it, I was being ripped off. In fact, I once went to a party at my assistant manager’s house and his living room was filled with a certain kind of champagne you could only get at my club. Since then I’ve slowly got better, and have helped 100s of dental care professionals all over the world ENGAGE with their people to boost performance, productivity, emotional connection to colleagues and patients alike. 


As a result, I have seen net profit triple just by focussing on their people. Many members are having their best months ever; it’s a combination of internal and external marketing and looking after their inhouse customers, their people. The words employees, and staff are banned. Team is what you will find working in one of the most successful hotel chains.

It is people that make profit and not profit that makes people. For the first time ever, I am presenting 6 actions that when carried out in tandem boost morale, purpose, progress, profit and all manner of activity driven by your people. 

Make no mistake, without an inspired, engaged, motivated and highly emotionally charged team you will never get down to 2 days. I will provide examples from dental practices that are smashing it. And outside the profession too, focussing on some of the best tactics and strategies employed by the best UK workplace winners.

Inspire More In Less Time

In this 90-minute session alone you will learn more than years spent reading the books, reports, watching videos… and learn from real life coalface coaching, including face to face DCP training I have undertaken in the past 20 years. I have personally trained over 700 DCP’s on my TEAM HARMONY PROGRAMME. 

I will also reveal how, with a team of leaders and members, I am turning around Marbella Rotary Club engagement levels; and from 12% this is now reaching nearly 30%. These same tactics I can take you and your people through. 

ENGAGEMENT has to be lead by your people too, and that’s why it’s important you bring as many of your people to Treasure as possible. You can’t relay everything back to them. They just won’t get it. You won’t get their buy in. 

Engage, inspire, motivate, sustain your people by watching my countless mistakes and successes in the art and science of creating and sustaining an inspirational dentistry workplace.

How do you know if your people are engaged, working to their full potential? A gut instinct on how emotionally committed your people are to your practice’s future vision, mission, meaning, values and service standards is flawed thinking. You take x-rays to see what’s underneath in the mouth, I urge you to do something similar with your team’s ECL- emotional commitment level toward your future goals. 


Low engagement levels can end up at tribunal. Low engagement levels suppress profit potential. But the thing is Low Engagement Levels are down to you. But it’s not your fault. 

How to create and sustain an inspirational dentistry workplace was never on the agenda at business school. But it is your fault if you choose to ignore this urgent warning. 

MPOD are so serious about this growing, pressing, now urgent problem we are dedicating a full 2-day training programme to take your people from mild engagement to super high engagement – like you’ve never seen. 

Forget building your technique. Your people technique is what will get you taking a 5 day extended weekend from Friday to Tuesday. Work Wednesday and Thursday. 

Upgrade your people’s engagement levels. Inspire them to help inspire themselves. The best performing people motivate themselves. I will show you how. It’s a simple 6-step system my most successful members use to create and sustain their best months ever.

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