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Do You Feel Me?

Do You Feel Me?

Born_to_feelThe patient journey has been hammered to death. First by Paddi Lund, then Barrow, and most dental consultants. Much of the work is process…do this, do that, then the other. Simply put, your PATIENT PATHWAY is how you make humans FEEL.

Many still don’t get it’s about emotion. Emotions are motivation. Feel sad, cry. Feel happy, smile. Feel understood, buy. Feel the unexpec-ted, refer.

A new corporate market is emerging to tap into the FEEL ECONO-MY. *Take KPMG Nunwood, a global accounting firm now speciali-sing in a new to me category: CEM – Customer Experience Manage-ment, they have created a worldwide customer experience excellence centre, a CEM benchmarking business. Their purpose, ‘To create brilliant experiences, we define international best practice and understand how it is managed.’

It’s a shame they don’t practice what they preach. Their site lists all their consultants’ career biogs, yet nothing makes me FEEL any connection to the humans whatsoever. I do not know what they do outsi-de of their work. If I don’t know them how can I trust them?

Anyway Pirate, there are lessons to be learnt from these dry souls, but first what are the benefits of mapping out your patient experience…

‘The UK customer experience top 100 achieved double the 5-year revenue growth of the FTSE 100. Organisations that have over 50% employee engagement retain over 80% of their customers.’ Ac-cording to their research.

PILLAR # 1. Personalisation – Using individualised attention to drive an emotional connection.

PILLAR # 2. Time and Effort – Minimising customer effort and creating frictionless processes.

PILLAR # 3. Expectations – Managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

PILLAR # 4. Integrity – Being trustworthy and engendering trust.

‘Brands such as Disney create a true feeling for visitors,’ the company notes. ‘That’s similar to what we’re aiming to create at JetBlue. Through our promises, we’re aiming to become world-class in hospitality by elevating everyday transactions to meaningful interactions.’

PILLAR # 5. Resolution – Turning a poor experience into a great one.

PILLAR # 6. Empathy – Achieving an understanding of the customer’s circumstances
to drive deep rapport.

Today, I have two examples of how to increase ‘patient’ experience and both are winners of the UK Customer Experience Awards.

EXAMPLE # 1. first direct – ‘the unexpected bank’ – scored 8.27, proficient in every aspect of The Six Pillars (see below), creating an overall experience that is efficient, empathetic, and personalised. First direct create ‘memorable moments’ for their customers that are new, novel or personally meaningful, and as KMPG say, ‘it can provide pleasure peaks in the overall experience’. As one customer explained: ‘When I happened to contact them on the anniversary of my joining this bank, they very kindly sent me a box of three wines! On the very rare occasion an error has been made by first direct over the past 20 years, they are very apologetic and have always sent a case of wine!’
Customers also have the freedom to contact the bank via Twitter.

EXAMPLE # 2. This care home company has gone through constant change and continues to do so. Here, from their website, they answer moving out of the home objection with their ‘Home Promise’. How can you replicate this for your Trust Package and what happens at your visit email?

‘Taking Care To Know You, So Everyone Feels At Home”

We believe that feeling looked after is as much about creating a sense of home as it is about providing quality care. It’s making sure that our residents and relatives have the confidence that we’ll look after them really well, and that means understanding who they are and how we can make them as happy as possible.

We know moving home is an emotional and challenging time at any age, but it can be even more so in later life. That is why we have developed our Home to Home Promise, which starts with our people listening hard to what will make the move as smooth as possible – and to what will quickly make everyone feel at home.

Our Home to Home Promise

Our promise to you clearly sets out our Welcome Standards to help you settle and make the most of your new home.

Before Moving In

• We will give you guidance on how to choose the right care home for you and give details of others who could provide further useful advice

• You and your family and friends will be encouraged and welcomed to spend some time at the home getting to know us

• You can share, not only the type of support you need, but your way of life, your likes and dislikes and what, and who, is important to you

• We will provide advice, such as the practicalities of what to bring with you as well as support for you and your family about what to expect when moving to a care home

• We will help prepare your bedroom with some of your most treasured things before you move in

On Arrival

• You’ll be given a warm welcome and a big smile

• Served with tea, coffee or something else – just as you like it – along with home baked goodies

• Your room will be fully prepared, ready and waiting for you

• Your main Carer will welcome you and introduce you to the home 

Your First Day|

• Your friends and family will be welcomed to the home to help you settle in and spend as much or as little time with you as you prefer

• We can introduce you to fellow residents, especially those with similar hobbies and interests

• We will invite you to a personal tour of the home so you can find your way around You can discuss your food preferences with our Chef

Your First Week

• You will be given the opportunity to review your individual care plan with your main Carer

• You can discuss your hobbies and interests and any new goals you have with our Personal Activities Lead

• We’ll help you with the small stuff, like remembering new names, as well as the bigger things like missing your old home

• You will be asked for feedback to make sure we are doing everything we can for you

• You can meet with the Home Manager and you’ll be encouraged to get involved with making decisions about your care’

Do you know how many steps it takes to get from your front door to reception? Do you also know what she sees, smells, hears, FEELS, touches in those first few vital moments? Every patient has a birthday just once a year, don’t waste that opportunity to make her feel fantabulous. Do you feel me?

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