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Controlling Patients Heart & Mind

Controlling Patients Heart & Mind

IMG_3262I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to it. I have an opportunity for you. But first I need your advice.

I’m putting the finishing touches to a new online training programme ‘How To Talk To More Patients About High Profit Procedures & More Challenging cases WITHOUT Selling!’

I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out, so, please will you let me know your biggest question about how to talk to more patients about upgrading their treatment to transform their smile. 


Listen, it could be absolutely anything, before a patient comes in, during or when they leave. 

And it maybe questions your Clinicians/ Smile Advisors/TCO’s maybe struggling with, and need solutions to increase their private fee income. 

Best of all, there are no silly questions, in fact the sillier I have found often produce the biggest results. This is open for your clinicians too so please feel free to forward to your team. 

What To Do Next…  Just type your question in the box and click submit. In exchange for your advice I’ll give you FREE access to my online MASTERY Workshop that’s happening on Thursday 21 September. This will sell for £97 in the near future, but you’ll get special access to experience the course free when you let me know your # 1 question, OK, here is the easy form… CLICK HERE

Thank you in advance. 

Here’s to talking more confidently to more patients about high profit procedures & more challenging cases WITHOUT selling!  Tony

P.S. Forward this email to your team members now, you have nothing to lose. Imagine more private fee income?






Every Dentist Has This 5 Minute Magic Window. 

Just one of the FUNDAMENTAL ideas we are teaching
at the 4th upcoming ‘Heart & Mind Patient Conversion’ Programme November 2. Manchester Airport. 


Face to face building of T.I.P- trust, influence and persuasion. (Selling Is For Amateurs).


“One thing I would add, having sat in on consults since Heart & how the associates having taken themselves away from the “clinical environment”. All previous consults were being done in surgery chair..none are now!! Previously associates didn’t want to come away from the surgeries. All smile consults are happening in our TCO room which came from them.

Another big GAME CHANGER, I feel, is since Heart & Mind is that associates are sharing their “back story” for example one sharing the reason he so desperately wanted ortho and how much it changed his life and confidence. That connection with the patient has massively affected our conversions to New Patient exams from smile consult. That is a marked difference since heart & mind!”

—Leanne Skelton.Practice Manager, Tailored Dental Group. 

Raising owners (and associates) confidence… raising conversion and production. 

Increasing your FREEDOM!

Information: Email Vicki@MPODTEAM.COM, 0113 827 2249 Only 5 places left.

Lunch & Learn … and How To Make It A Success by Vicki Mayson

Lunch & Learn …
and How To Make It A Success 

From the desk of Vicki Mayson 


Something we have started here at MPOD is a monthly “Lunch & Learn” so I wanted to give you a few tips on how to start your own Lunch & Learn if, of course, you don’t already do one.

How to start your own Lunch & Learn

Interested in bringing Lunch & Learn into your practice? Here are some tips to make it a success:


  • Plan for the same date and time each month: “A big reason why we started Lunch & Learn was to make sure there was consistency and structure. If you build structure to people’s routine, it helps them do their best work. It’s a comfort thing – you’ll always come to work on Lunch & Learn day and you can always expect lunch and to learn about something new.
  • Plan lunches and presentations in advance: Plan who will be teaching at Lunch & Learn and from where lunch will be catered about a month in advance. Local cafes and restaurants are great options to order from, or personalise your Lunch & Learn even more by asking for employees favourite ones.
  • Be persistent: Most people will need regular encouragement to participate in a monthly Lunch & Learn but with persistence, it can grow into an event that everyone looks forward to. Before you know it you will have the team volunteering to lead Lunch & Learn or to suggest a cafe to order from. When you start something, the goal is that you don’t have to actively continue it; the goal is for it to become something on its own. It will take a while but it will happen.”

Some Benefits of Lunch & Learn

  • The biggest benefit of a Lunch & Learn programme is that you are able to get more training delivered to your team at minimal additional cost.
  • A Lunch & Learn programme doesn’t make more hours in the day, but it makes better use of the time you have.
  • Your team will appreciate the nature of the training. 
  • The team member doing the training will enjoy the spotlight of being able to share their expertise with others in the practice.

Have fun with your Lunch & Learn

To Infinity And Beyond……. by Cally Gedge

To Infinity And Beyond……. 

From the Desk of Cally Gedge 

to_infinity_and_beyond-299644One of the big takeaways for me in business is to trust my gut instinct more, especially when it comes to working with team members and recruiting.

As business owners are in a constant recruitment, review and reward process, it will never end. That is unless you stop growing.

Make it a passion for 2015 rather than a chore.

Enjoy the time you take with your team at your monthly reviews, find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t use the review process as a stick to beat them with but for a time to move them forward and find out where they sit in your practice.

My philosophy is when challenges arise, which they do every day, “deal with them at the time, immediately.” How do we do this?

The team have a concerns book where all challenges are added and once resolved we discuss them at the huddle so that everyone is made aware of any changes to our team or processes.

And to simplify our business we have invested in new project management software. This will keep old and new team members in the loop and also give us a bird´s eye view of the business wherever we are. More importantly it takes us away from excel spreads and highlights blockages fast.

Finally, for your benefit, we are switching over to a new measurement tool this month for online marketing, it´s ahead of the game in the market. We will be contacting each lead generation and conversion client to set up a phone meeting whereby we can set up goals with the software company on what is important to your marketing and the reporting is really structured and easier to follow than Google Analytics.

My task is to get and keep the team on board with the two new major changes to all of their roles. We have a quote of the week which we read out at the huddle each morning, here is ours for our return.

You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.

  • – – unknown

The Long Lost Art of Uncomfortable Conversations

 The Long Lost Art of Uncomfortable Conversations

By Cally Gedge

Uncomfortable Conversations At Treasure Map 10, part of the chat I had with you while on stage was not being afraid of “challenging conversations”.

This includes when needed on the spot and also appreciation and praise—also on the spot.

Let’s start with WHY this needs to consistently happen.

ONE: If you don’t deal with challenges and GIVE appreciation on the spot you lose the impact to change people’s lives for the better.

And if people either don’t feel appreciated in a proper fashion (this can be done of course through TINYpulse) or worse, you know yourself you haven’t dealt with a challenge because it was uncomfortable then make no mistake you will be the one to suffer in the long run as it will fester and annoy you!

TWO: Being open about the truth then invites it back, which means everyone is on the same page and conflict no longer becomes uncomfortable. Therefore it is a rite of passage for growth.

There is something within all of us that responds deeply to people who can be honest, good and bad within us.

Most of us want to hear the truth even if uncomfortable.

Let´s take a minute to give this some thought.

Ask yourself the following four killer questions …

  1. What are your goals when you converse with people?
  2. How often do you find yourself saying things you don’t mean?
  3. How many meetings or impenetrable conversations are going on whereby the real issues are not being discussed? What are you avoiding?
  4. If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions who would you ask and what would they be?

Because when was the last time you confronted someone and ended up enriching yours or others relationships?  

Because when was the last time you confronted someone and ended up enriching yours or others relationships?

If this resonates with you then consider this … 

Avoid Laying Blame 

The person who can most accurately describe reality without laying blame will emerge a leader.

We have all been there where we let our emotions over run and end up being personal.

Always focus on the process not the person, ask intelligent questions.

What solution can we come up with to avoid this happening again?

Let´s look at your process for carrying out this task and see how we can improve it.

First, for your own and everyone else´s sanity don’t allow BUTS in the conversation and no more EXCUSES.  Replace the word but with ‘and’.

Second, we are doing our hardest to eradicate the excuse of being “too busy” here at MPOD.

We are in business, we are growing of course, we are busy, but the key is to be productive and know how to prioritise and without this talent we are lost.

*Last but not least: as the Scout´s motto says … be prepared!

Why not go into all conversations challenging or appreciating knowing what your outcome needs to be.  Don’t win important conversations.

Once you orchestrate this you will make it habit.

For example, when in a difficult conversation, allow silence to give everyone chance to breath and reflect.

Make sure the other person has the chance to speak even if it is not what you want to hear.  Be “fair and reasonable”, as Jon Swarbrigg says.

If you are a Practice Manager and would like to join my Diamond Managers Practice Club please drop me a line

Are You Abundant And Lavish With Your Praise?

Are You Abundant & Lavish With Praise?

praiseYou cannot be successful if no one likes you.

Last week I had a disgusting Discovery Call with a new prospect and it has to be the ALL TIME most frustrating thirty minutes I have EVER endured with a dentist. He was initially interested in Pain Free Dentistry. Here’s what happened…

First off, I asked him what his “existing message” was that would make prospects pay attention to what he could promise them, because I knew he didn’t have one. Maybe pain free? I stupidly asked. He went on a full rant how he provides PAIN FREE but wouldn’t dream of advertising the fact just in case a patient did feel something and that would ruin the trust and they would not come back.

Maybe never took a risk in his entire life, and that inaction, paralysis of fear has kept him at the bottom of the pile. Yes, I said, but if you GUARANTEE to give people their money back and measure each patient to back up your claim then what is the problem.

MPOD are anal about measuring your marketing results but we will never stop advertising the fact just in case a client cannot measure what it is they are doing. He rudely spoke over me shouting. I just listened and although this man is really obnoxious, his opinion of his clinical skills were bordering on delusion.

He thinks if he is brilliant, and PROFESSIONAL, patients will come. How mistaken and he still believes this myth at 65 years old. What went wrong for him? Unfortunately being a professional instead of running a business has drastically reduced his wealth. He’s really frustrated and told me times are hard.

I am by the way 100 % convinced he has a high turnover of staff because he is pompous, shouts down to people and does not listen. He is probably a three on the Tribal Leadership scale. At the end of the call, I said look, if you want any further information go to our website and I hung up. Phew.

Usually, Cally has the first call to weed out dentists who know it all already, racists, homophobics, and the usual arrogants, therefore why are you speaking with us, but this time something turned up and she couldn’t do it. I took the call in front of my team in the front office, as I don’t have my own space anymore until we find bigger offices.

They could not believe what they were witnessing and could hear him shouting. We have fired clients before for being rude to team members. Declined lucrative work because the client is a tosser. We don’t need any asshole’s money and we don’t work with ego’s and nor should you. I wonder if his patients like him, or just put up with him because he is trading on default by location. I wonder how many suppliers avoid him like the plague. I wonder how many relationship-building courses he has ever attended. Probably none of the above, why should he, he’s a professional.

I used to like Trump because of his promotional prowess. But not after he started criticising Muslims just to get a right-wing following. Imagine the pain his Muslim friends, workers, suppliers went through, all that respect blown up in seconds because he is so desperate to get people’s votes. He would rather trade being liked to massage his ego. How will he sleep at night now worrying of reprisals? Who in their right mind will partner with him to build new hotels with a threat of having them blown to pieces? What a fool. I do not like him.

Being liked is critical to success. Being liked is because you have taken time to build that relationship. Branson is liked. He makes you feel special because he focuses so much on the other person and not himself. Cally calls this “outwardly focused.”

Yesterday, I mediated for 20 minutes and my intention was to LISTEN to people today at our 12 Week Planning Session. Thing is, I am a dominant character and can talk over people, not listen, just wanting to be quick, be gone.

I caught myself a few times wanting to butt in and talk over people. But I purposely waited till last, if at all. By the time I waited to speak, it had all been said. Bingo, no need for me. And just as important I sit in all the breaks and ask what everybody is doing this weekend. When they leave, I ask ‘em what has been the highlight of their day, or week. I make tea and coffee too. I listen.

This is the problem with leaders today. They are great and others not. A fellow Scout Leader made a sly comment the other week. He said, ‘Yes Tony, but you are a natural at quickly bonding with people, it comes easy for you.’ I didn’t enter into one of my favourite Carnegie principles; best way to stop an argument is not to start one. I just smiled and went on my way.

There is not a day goes by I do not think of Dale Carnegie and his amazing relationship building skills. But it does take a BIG EFFORT all the time. Most of the time I would rather not speak at all. I would rather be alone, or just read a book. On the other hand Influential characters on the DiSC scale find it natural. I do not.

In fact, three years ago, Cally chastised me at a Christmas party because I was standing in a group of five people who were chatting. I was reading a book on my iPhone. Never again will I do that. It takes effort to like and be liked. Many times we have to go to a dentist’s supplier of their web services for example, and you can tell how well that supplier was treated by how fast they switch everything over to us.

Right now, I am looking forward to connecting with Paul Dunn at Treasure Map 10. He has an amazing ability to make you feel special, sincere, not patronising. He does the same through words on paper too. He does the same with, and impacts millions of lives with his on purpose mission.

Maybe if we have more purpose in life we are nicer, others see us differently, or it’s the way we look out for others and not focused on ourselves. Which gets me to my point: small people criticise, condemn and complain.

In its place, Pirates, successful entrepreneurs, loyal team members practice praising others. The owner of Red Carnation Hotels, author Bea Tollman, 81 years old still to this day visits all her hotels and personally remembers everybody’s name.

She starts picking Christmas presents in September and then personally flies around the world handing them out. Her motto is “Family Run Generous Hospitality.” She is abundant in her thinking, actions, and commitment. Not a scarcity mentality. 

As my old mentors at Dale Carnegie say, “Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement. Be “hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.”

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