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‘Online Reputational Reviews Starts In The Hearts and Minds Of Your People’

peterbradleyInspirational Dentistry Workplace Professor Peter Bradley, Formally Red Carnation Hotel Group 


‘Online Reputational Reviews Starts
In The Hearts and Minds Of Your People’

‘94% of Consumers Would Use A Company With A 4 * Review’

So this begs the question… how many online reviews do you have to have, need in order to make her buy? Keep reading to find out. Many Members are playing mini games to make this a reality. Reviews are Reputation. They are the digital superhighway trust currency especially for younger consumers and even 50 plusses.

But the second, third, fourth big reputational question is how do we procure 5* reviews, how do we get people to say positive things, to love us? First, as Peter Bradley is famous for saying, create memorable moments in your business. Your people have to be fully engaged to deliver friendly service. ‘In 2016, 13.5 % of online reviews mention the words friendly, or rude and 26.8 % talk about service.’ (

I am pleased to announce Peter Bradley from the Red Carnation Hotel Group is appearing at Treasure Map. When we first started visiting the Montague on the Gardens five years ago in central London, all their hotels were rated number #1 in Trip Advisor. A huge feat and all driven by their engaged people delivering memorable moments, which then promoted the customer to write a review.

This, of course, does not happen by magic. There is an unknown five step process that starts at a grassroots level with your people. Peter Bradley does not speak for a living, he is a coal face, service led warrior leading a team of hospitality in the hundreds. He has a proven system and he’s sharing this priceless insight with your team at Creating An Inspirational Dentistry Workplace, Manchester 22.

Peter will also share how to provide instant recognition and reinforce your culture, but he is taking it one step further. Discover Red Carnation in-house training programme called ‘HQ Island’ where he takes every single member of the Red Carnation team and trains them on a secret book, how to provide memorable hospitality, what they are empowered to do, provide instances of what’s happened in the past and so forth. Next Peter will share how he rewards and recognises staff achievements.

Prizes for people who have done the ‘Most Memorable Action of the Month’ and people who have been the ‘Green Person of the Month’ and the ‘Sales Person of the Month’. You can tell people that they are empowered to do it, you can provide instant recognition, but that is where it will end if there isn’t then something on a monthly, or bimonthly or biannual basis, which also helps to reinforce that message. If not then it will fade out.

Discover Red Carnation Hotels 12 Service Standards that his team members carry around and their 5 values. This hospitality. This is the real business you are in. You will never see Peter speak in dentistry ever again. If you want more online 5 * reviews then your people have to be empowered to make that happen. Peter will sprinkle his magic dust over your people. Sit back and relax, let him create your inspirational dentistry workplace. As Jon Swarbrigg says, ‘its better off coming from someone else not just you the owner’.”

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Pushchair millionaire Andrew Kluge will reveal how to be the 2nd best workplace, create dreams come true for his team, & quarterly once in a lunchtime

Pushchair millionaire Andrew Kluge will reveal how to be the 2nd best workplace, create dreams come true for his team, & quarterly once in a lunchtime


Yes there’s an indoor slide and giant beanbags that could swallow an elephant, yes there’s a gym, ping pong and state of the art fittings, but that’s just the physical environment. The whole place runs on pattern and passion. From revolutionary work/life balance ethic to a values system based on respect and understanding, small wonder there’s an inspirational vibe as soon as you walk in the unassuming doors.

Why Cosatto are unique and why they won 2nd place in the Great Places To Work Awards 2016:

1. Andrew Kluge is the man who started it all. From an enterprising 16 year old with a sewing machine, to CEO of one of the most successful pushchair brands in Europe. This guy’s something of a visionary. He’s just won ‘Most Trusted Leadership’ award too.

2. They have an office slide from one floor to another. No more stairs. Need we say more?
Demonstration # 1


3. Every year one lucky employee is granted their ‘once in a lifetime’ dream, voted for by the whole company. Past crazy stuff includes a Cosatto style wedding (think ‘real’ unicorns and fox tails) cycling in the Alps and climbing Everest.
Demonstration # 2


4. Every quarter, staff get the chance to win ‘Once in a Lunchtime’ – with smaller scale prizes such as baking
macaroons in Paris to jumping out of planes. No biggie.

5. They are a charitable business and give a percentage of their profits to a different employee’s charity of choice each month. Last month they raised £2,247 for the Child Bereavement UK charity.Demonstration # 3


6. Monthly award ceremonies where staff nominate superstar employees. It’s always a long list too. Prizes include Prosecco, chocolates, charity donations and of course the original Cosatto superstar badge.Demonstration # 4


7. ‘Fruity Mondays’ see endless grapes and bananas delivered into the office giving staff their zest for life.

8. From multi award-winning products to coveted business awards including ‘Great Places to Work’ and ‘Responsible Business Award’ – the trophy room’s been showing off big time.

9. Street parties on our very own Kluge Lane with all Cosatto staff and our local friends, with activities that include visits to Mystic Meg, Dunk a Director and Coconut Shy. Demonstration # 5


The family friendly atmosphere combined with a results-oriented culture of individual responsibility and freedom to work when/where they want, has empowered staff. It has only served to increase their passion and performance further.

“I have never worked for a company that is so open to sharing, which is credit to our CEO and his nature to inspire people through honest motivation and sharing’ – A happy Cosatto bod. One of many. Don’t miss this once in your dental lifetime to see it real from the trenches only at Treasure Map. Not textbook B.S. But real culture creation and sustainability.

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If you’re in the workplace, be in the workplace

If you’re in the workplace, be in the workplace

Are you and your team IN the workplace?

Are your team ENGAGED in the workplace?

Are you and your team constantly COMMUNICATING the best way you can?

Are you and your team producing consistent RESULTS you’ve always dreamt of?

Would you just love a more MOTIVATED team, honest communication and teamwork that is second to none? Then this is just for you, a Principal in need of strategy, tactic, insight to the next stage of your growth.nigel-risner-newsite

I first heard Nigel Risner speak over 20 years ago when I too was on the speaking circuit. He’s one out of only a handful consistently delivering on their promise of engaging their audience. He’s so good at storytelling to make his message hold impact, and I still remember him picking his son up in a Rolls Royce. For the rational among you, Risner is the only motivational speaker in Europe to have been awarded Speaker of the Year from The Academy For Chief Executives, Vistage and Footdown, and The Executive Committee. 

And not only that, Nigel is a respected four-time author, television presenter and, as you and your people will soon discover, a prolific speaker. 

“Nigel has an awesome presence which touches and transforms people’s lives.”– Jack Canfield, co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup For The Soul series

His books The IMPACT Code and It’s A Zoo Around Here are the new rules for better communication and have sold in their thousands, literally transforming lives around the world. 

Is your practice a zoo? Do you need and want new rules for better communication? Think your people will take onboard his ideas up close, in person rather than you coming back to the practice with a few of his books? Get you and your people here. You deserve better.

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Results. Not social media impressions. Your impact social media blueprint

Results. Not social media impressions.

Your impact social media blueprint


Mike Leach may be a Liverpool fan, but there is no one in dentistry right now who knows more about making social media pay its way than him.


Social media is a pain and a necessity. Many social media experts proclaim it’s the saviour, the new kid on the block to attract high profit procedure patients and complex cases. But that couldn’t be further than the truth.

Straight teeth prospects – 18-30 years old, do live on social media rather than TV. Social media is the NEW TV. But most of their mums and dads are still not there yet. But there is a way to find the 50-plus generation who are there.


Consumers now take their news from social media, as well as recommendations for products and services. In fact, if a business doesn’t have a 5-star rating then their chances of being frequented by a review seduced consumer is severely restricted.


But seeing as our conference will be all about making our people not happier as a clock-watcher can be happy, a person who slags off their colleagues in the kitchen can be happy, a colleague who underperforms who is clearly happy at work, a slacker who may also be happy… happiness is not our objective here. But what is?


To Stand United

Your objective is to get your people emotionally connected to a purpose, a philosophy that all your people stand behind.


Mike heads up MPOD’s Impact Social Media. We have severely rejected rolling out a social media programme for our clients, even though we’ve been managing social media for some. It’s taken 5 years to prove we get results through a new framework to get bums on seats, but we also use it for recruitment. 


Mike will uncover how your team is essential to getting return on time spent on social media. Return on paid ads, what your people must do, when to do it, how to do it, what not to do. Without your people doing it, what any external marketing agency does doesn’t matter, you are missing half the pie. 


Mike will walk you and your people through case study after case study of the biggest mistakes he sees each and every day. For the past 5 years we have secretly been perfecting SOCIAL MEDIA WITH IMPACT. Not just impressions and other useless stats your social media expert fobs you off with, but real yardsticks.


Your people may drive your profit, but your people must be engaged in your social media strategy for 2018. Without a proven blueprint, you are simply applying bleach on BPE 4. Mike will demonstrate to your people how to model an impactful social media strategy producing results. Results rule, not impressions.

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People protocols. How (not) to make your people happy

People protocols

How (not) to make your people happy


From working in a male dominated, auto industry profession, being in the first five in the now hugely successful JCT 600 car chain, Cally knows a thing or two about keeping people unhappy within the workplace. 


But Cally also knows how to keep people happy. In a male chauvinist, automotive profession driven by fear, backstabbing, and well poisoners, Cally not only survived but thrived.


I’ll be honest with you, after we decided to grow MPOD from a nice business of just me and Cally, she rejected the calling. “I do not want to manage the emotions of people ever again”, she insisted. But she did and our rapid growth has only been possible with an engaged team.


How do you engage a team each and every day? How do you manage out well poisoners who will destroy your values, service standards and everything that you stand for? The well poisoner will muddy the mind, body and soul of new recruits, never mind your older team members. How do you do this? Cally has assisted dozens of Practice Managers through this process. There’s not a week goes by without at least one of our members managing out the wrong fit.


Dental Mavericks is one of the world’s leading dental charities. And all done within 7 years. Such a massive growth – now taking over 5,000 kids out of daily dental pain in just one week in North East Morocco – doesn’t happen by accident. Cally has built a culture bonded by strong values. It’s living by these values, processes, relationships and planning that makes the difference.


Easily Transferable

For the first time, Cally shares her people planning protocols. How to inspire a dental team that has never met before, in a third world country, and within 24 hours be working together in total harmony. Cally will walk you through her never before revealed process. This is easily transferable to your own practice as soon as you leave. 


But it also goes deeper than that. It starts at the recruitment phase. Cally will also reveal her recruitment process from on boarding to regular one-on-ones. Cally reveals all not only for leadership but each role every team member takes in creating and sustaining an inspirational dentistry workplace. You must not miss out on this most difficult art of attracting, retaining and constantly managing the emotions of people.


Cally says, you do not manage people, only their emotions. You’ll be itching to implement Cally’s simple strategies and tactics on Monday as soon as you get back. And the best part, your people will be even more eager than you!

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How Not To Get Beat Up By Your Bulldog Employee

How Not To Get Beat Up By Your Bulldog Employee



I did take precautions. I had two 6’5 doormen sat with me when I asked him for his keys to my nightclub, Liquid.

In those days it was a lot easier to get rid of someone for being a racist. 

I had a staff of about 20 at Liquid; at my first club, Love To Be, over 100. Then, some 20 years ago, I had absolutely no idea how to engage a team. I just employed ‘em on personality, put ‘em behind the bar, on the Technics SL1200 turntables or the front door. We bonded at the end of the night for our usual lock-in with friends and staff. 

There is no doubt about it, I was being ripped off. In fact, I once went to a party at my assistant manager’s house and his living room was filled with a certain kind of champagne you could only get at my club. Since then I’ve slowly got better, and have helped 100s of dental care professionals all over the world ENGAGE with their people to boost performance, productivity, emotional connection to colleagues and patients alike. 


As a result, I have seen net profit triple just by focussing on their people. Many members are having their best months ever; it’s a combination of internal and external marketing and looking after their inhouse customers, their people. The words employees, and staff are banned. Team is what you will find working in one of the most successful hotel chains.

It is people that make profit and not profit that makes people. For the first time ever, I am presenting 6 actions that when carried out in tandem boost morale, purpose, progress, profit and all manner of activity driven by your people. 

Make no mistake, without an inspired, engaged, motivated and highly emotionally charged team you will never get down to 2 days. I will provide examples from dental practices that are smashing it. And outside the profession too, focussing on some of the best tactics and strategies employed by the best UK workplace winners.

Inspire More In Less Time

In this 90-minute session alone you will learn more than years spent reading the books, reports, watching videos… and learn from real life coalface coaching, including face to face DCP training I have undertaken in the past 20 years. I have personally trained over 700 DCP’s on my TEAM HARMONY PROGRAMME. 

I will also reveal how, with a team of leaders and members, I am turning around Marbella Rotary Club engagement levels; and from 12% this is now reaching nearly 30%. These same tactics I can take you and your people through. 

ENGAGEMENT has to be lead by your people too, and that’s why it’s important you bring as many of your people to Treasure as possible. You can’t relay everything back to them. They just won’t get it. You won’t get their buy in. 

Engage, inspire, motivate, sustain your people by watching my countless mistakes and successes in the art and science of creating and sustaining an inspirational dentistry workplace.

How do you know if your people are engaged, working to their full potential? A gut instinct on how emotionally committed your people are to your practice’s future vision, mission, meaning, values and service standards is flawed thinking. You take x-rays to see what’s underneath in the mouth, I urge you to do something similar with your team’s ECL- emotional commitment level toward your future goals. 


Low engagement levels can end up at tribunal. Low engagement levels suppress profit potential. But the thing is Low Engagement Levels are down to you. But it’s not your fault. 

How to create and sustain an inspirational dentistry workplace was never on the agenda at business school. But it is your fault if you choose to ignore this urgent warning. 

MPOD are so serious about this growing, pressing, now urgent problem we are dedicating a full 2-day training programme to take your people from mild engagement to super high engagement – like you’ve never seen. 

Forget building your technique. Your people technique is what will get you taking a 5 day extended weekend from Friday to Tuesday. Work Wednesday and Thursday. 

Upgrade your people’s engagement levels. Inspire them to help inspire themselves. The best performing people motivate themselves. I will show you how. It’s a simple 6-step system my most successful members use to create and sustain their best months ever.

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Do You Feel Me?

Do You Feel Me?

Born_to_feelThe patient journey has been hammered to death. First by Paddi Lund, then Barrow, and most dental consultants. Much of the work is process…do this, do that, then the other. Simply put, your PATIENT PATHWAY is how you make humans FEEL.

Many still don’t get it’s about emotion. Emotions are motivation. Feel sad, cry. Feel happy, smile. Feel understood, buy. Feel the unexpec-ted, refer.

A new corporate market is emerging to tap into the FEEL ECONO-MY. *Take KPMG Nunwood, a global accounting firm now speciali-sing in a new to me category: CEM – Customer Experience Manage-ment, they have created a worldwide customer experience excellence centre, a CEM benchmarking business. Their purpose, ‘To create brilliant experiences, we define international best practice and understand how it is managed.’

It’s a shame they don’t practice what they preach. Their site lists all their consultants’ career biogs, yet nothing makes me FEEL any connection to the humans whatsoever. I do not know what they do outsi-de of their work. If I don’t know them how can I trust them?

Anyway Pirate, there are lessons to be learnt from these dry souls, but first what are the benefits of mapping out your patient experience…

‘The UK customer experience top 100 achieved double the 5-year revenue growth of the FTSE 100. Organisations that have over 50% employee engagement retain over 80% of their customers.’ Ac-cording to their research.

PILLAR # 1. Personalisation – Using individualised attention to drive an emotional connection.

PILLAR # 2. Time and Effort – Minimising customer effort and creating frictionless processes.

PILLAR # 3. Expectations – Managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

PILLAR # 4. Integrity – Being trustworthy and engendering trust.

‘Brands such as Disney create a true feeling for visitors,’ the company notes. ‘That’s similar to what we’re aiming to create at JetBlue. Through our promises, we’re aiming to become world-class in hospitality by elevating everyday transactions to meaningful interactions.’

PILLAR # 5. Resolution – Turning a poor experience into a great one.

PILLAR # 6. Empathy – Achieving an understanding of the customer’s circumstances
to drive deep rapport.

Today, I have two examples of how to increase ‘patient’ experience and both are winners of the UK Customer Experience Awards.

EXAMPLE # 1. first direct – ‘the unexpected bank’ – scored 8.27, proficient in every aspect of The Six Pillars (see below), creating an overall experience that is efficient, empathetic, and personalised. First direct create ‘memorable moments’ for their customers that are new, novel or personally meaningful, and as KMPG say, ‘it can provide pleasure peaks in the overall experience’. As one customer explained: ‘When I happened to contact them on the anniversary of my joining this bank, they very kindly sent me a box of three wines! On the very rare occasion an error has been made by first direct over the past 20 years, they are very apologetic and have always sent a case of wine!’
Customers also have the freedom to contact the bank via Twitter.

EXAMPLE # 2. This care home company has gone through constant change and continues to do so. Here, from their website, they answer moving out of the home objection with their ‘Home Promise’. How can you replicate this for your Trust Package and what happens at your visit email?

‘Taking Care To Know You, So Everyone Feels At Home”

We believe that feeling looked after is as much about creating a sense of home as it is about providing quality care. It’s making sure that our residents and relatives have the confidence that we’ll look after them really well, and that means understanding who they are and how we can make them as happy as possible.

We know moving home is an emotional and challenging time at any age, but it can be even more so in later life. That is why we have developed our Home to Home Promise, which starts with our people listening hard to what will make the move as smooth as possible – and to what will quickly make everyone feel at home.

Our Home to Home Promise

Our promise to you clearly sets out our Welcome Standards to help you settle and make the most of your new home.

Before Moving In

• We will give you guidance on how to choose the right care home for you and give details of others who could provide further useful advice

• You and your family and friends will be encouraged and welcomed to spend some time at the home getting to know us

• You can share, not only the type of support you need, but your way of life, your likes and dislikes and what, and who, is important to you

• We will provide advice, such as the practicalities of what to bring with you as well as support for you and your family about what to expect when moving to a care home

• We will help prepare your bedroom with some of your most treasured things before you move in

On Arrival

• You’ll be given a warm welcome and a big smile

• Served with tea, coffee or something else – just as you like it – along with home baked goodies

• Your room will be fully prepared, ready and waiting for you

• Your main Carer will welcome you and introduce you to the home 

Your First Day|

• Your friends and family will be welcomed to the home to help you settle in and spend as much or as little time with you as you prefer

• We can introduce you to fellow residents, especially those with similar hobbies and interests

• We will invite you to a personal tour of the home so you can find your way around You can discuss your food preferences with our Chef

Your First Week

• You will be given the opportunity to review your individual care plan with your main Carer

• You can discuss your hobbies and interests and any new goals you have with our Personal Activities Lead

• We’ll help you with the small stuff, like remembering new names, as well as the bigger things like missing your old home

• You will be asked for feedback to make sure we are doing everything we can for you

• You can meet with the Home Manager and you’ll be encouraged to get involved with making decisions about your care’

Do you know how many steps it takes to get from your front door to reception? Do you also know what she sees, smells, hears, FEELS, touches in those first few vital moments? Every patient has a birthday just once a year, don’t waste that opportunity to make her feel fantabulous. Do you feel me?

Controlling Patients Heart & Mind

Controlling Patients Heart & Mind

IMG_3262I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to it. I have an opportunity for you. But first I need your advice.

I’m putting the finishing touches to a new online training programme ‘How To Talk To More Patients About High Profit Procedures & More Challenging cases WITHOUT Selling!’

I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out, so, please will you let me know your biggest question about how to talk to more patients about upgrading their treatment to transform their smile. 


Listen, it could be absolutely anything, before a patient comes in, during or when they leave. 

And it maybe questions your Clinicians/ Smile Advisors/TCO’s maybe struggling with, and need solutions to increase their private fee income. 

Best of all, there are no silly questions, in fact the sillier I have found often produce the biggest results. This is open for your clinicians too so please feel free to forward to your team. 

What To Do Next…  Just type your question in the box and click submit. In exchange for your advice I’ll give you FREE access to my online MASTERY Workshop that’s happening on Thursday 21 September. This will sell for £97 in the near future, but you’ll get special access to experience the course free when you let me know your # 1 question, OK, here is the easy form… CLICK HERE

Thank you in advance. 

Here’s to talking more confidently to more patients about high profit procedures & more challenging cases WITHOUT selling!  Tony

P.S. Forward this email to your team members now, you have nothing to lose. Imagine more private fee income?






Every Dentist Has This 5 Minute Magic Window. 

Just one of the FUNDAMENTAL ideas we are teaching
at the 4th upcoming ‘Heart & Mind Patient Conversion’ Programme November 2. Manchester Airport. 


Face to face building of T.I.P- trust, influence and persuasion. (Selling Is For Amateurs).


“One thing I would add, having sat in on consults since Heart & how the associates having taken themselves away from the “clinical environment”. All previous consults were being done in surgery chair..none are now!! Previously associates didn’t want to come away from the surgeries. All smile consults are happening in our TCO room which came from them.

Another big GAME CHANGER, I feel, is since Heart & Mind is that associates are sharing their “back story” for example one sharing the reason he so desperately wanted ortho and how much it changed his life and confidence. That connection with the patient has massively affected our conversions to New Patient exams from smile consult. That is a marked difference since heart & mind!”

—Leanne Skelton.Practice Manager, Tailored Dental Group. 

Raising owners (and associates) confidence… raising conversion and production. 

Increasing your FREEDOM!

Information: Email Vicki@MPODTEAM.COM, 0113 827 2249 Only 5 places left.

Your Team Are The Heart of Your Business. How Do You ‘Praise’ Them?

Your Team Are The Heart of Your Business. 

How Do You ‘Praise’ Them? 

From the desk of Vicki Mayson 

spot prizeI’ve just handed out two ‘On The Spot Gifts’ to two team members that have helped me out this week.  And come to my rescue with some much needed resources, “Thanks guys.” That got me thinking, how do YOU praise or reward your team?

Here’s a look at what we do at MPOD….

As some of you will know we use TINYpulse “Cheers for Peers” which is a fantastic tool.  If you haven’t already got it you should take a look – we take it one step further and we hold Cheers parties every month. The person with the most cheers and the person who gave the most cheers receive a prize, (we have an extra-long team break with cake and we read out all the Cheers that have been given for the previous month).

Plus we also have our “On The Spot Gifting Box” where we hand out a gift to team members who have gone out of there way to do something or put a great idea forward or done something that little bit different.

We also do most of the tips and ideas I’m sharing with you here.  I hope some of them come in handy, it’s nice to have a good mixture of ways to appreciate your team.

Here’s My Top 10 tips

  1. Go old school and send a card, rather than giving a team member a pat on the back or high five, send a card to their home. Don’t just leave it on their desk or hand it to them.
  2. Take photos of your team’s accomplishments or take candid shots of them hard at work. Celebrate their contributions by creating a collage on the office wall or staff room.
  3. Spontaneous treats;bring in doughnuts one morning or chilled drinks on a hot afternoon. Let your team take a quick break to kick back and relax before they go back to their task at hand.
  4. Put a sincere acknowledgment of a team member in your ‘Done For You’ newsletter. This takes only a few minutes of your time but creates long-term ‘trophy value’ for the team member.
  5. Tell a team member’s story of accomplishment at your huddle. Detailed stories are perceived as more interesting, meaningful, thoughtful, and memorable.
  6. Take a team member to lunch to show your appreciation. Remember to do more listening than talking.
  7. Say ‘thank you’, an all-too-obvious, yet highly underused form of appreciation.
  8. Surprise treats, at the end of the day when everyone’s gone home, stick a chocolate bar, their favourite snack, or treat in their desk drawer. They’ll be able to start their day off on the right foot after they’ve found their surprise.
  9. Recognition Day, or on team bonding days keep a section back and organise a formal team recognition day at work. Make a whole event out of it with food, awards, and team building activities.
  10. Offer new professional opportunities. Show you have faith by giving team members new responsibilities and projects. Give them clear objectives, and then support them as they reach for these goals.

Why not share some of your top tips on team appreciation on our MPOD Members Facebook page?

Until next time

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(Most Dental Practices can profit from at least 25 % more visitor conversions with these proven tactics in place.)

Let us be honest with you. Bespoke sessions, and the breadth, depth, and honesty of Cally’s findings – make a refreshing change. You’ll be glad to know she does not spout jargon, and numbers; only return on investment.

She is NOT a cool techy kid. She is a dental marketing strategist! She speaks the truth. So please don’t expect a sales pitch!

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