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Treasure Map 2017

Treasure Map

Results Rule @ Treasure Map

January 20/21 2017 – Manchester Hilton Hotel

The Go To Event For Dental Professionals Looking To Take Their Career Further!

What Is Treasure Map?

A 2 Day Dental Conference For Private Dentists Looking to Grow Their Business. Where Many Leading High Growth Dental Practices Will Meet and Share The Best Proven, Tested, and Implementable Ideas.


"Introducing Treasure Map - Results"


What the attendees said about last years event…

Carol Edmiston - Adelphi Dental

“Just wanted to say a massive well done to you both (and the team) for a brilliant few days”

Bev Harston - Glendair Dental

“The content was life changing….. I don’t know where to start this morning I want to implement everything”

Sat Kelley - Heath Dental

“Anybody who doesn’t bring as many team members as possible must be mad”

Clare Chavasse - Titchfield Dental

“It has been the most inspirational weekend I have been to for a very long time”

Chris Branfield - Castle Park Dental

“Went through my notes last night, bloody hell, so much great stuff. My team loved Cally’s presentation”

Jon Swarbrigg - Farsley Dental

“you, cally and the team have helped so many people grow way out of their comfort zone!”

Ketan Shah - Brightside Dental

“Thanks Tony, Cally and all your team for another fantastic Treasure Map, which I would say is my best one so far”

Andy McDougall - Spot On

“thank you for a wonderful, inspiring couple of days. Got home and wrote pages of ideas for changing our business”


Look who’s coming to Treasure Map

Treasure Map 2017 Guest Speaker: Phil Olley

The Result-A-Holic

Featured on BBC radio, and contributes to prime-time TV programmes, including a number of times on the Richard & Judy show! Phil has changed behaviour in hundreds of people in companies like Shell, PepsiCo, Mars (MasterFoods), IOSH, Kellogg’s, and many more. But what was it that excited MPOD?

First, referred to Treasure Map from Europe’s BEST motivational, sage like guru, Peter Thomson“The first time I saw Phil speak his presentation was inspirational – and practical – and fun!” 

Second, after Tony spent time interviewing Phil to see if he was indeed suitable for MPOD’s expected level of speakers, Tony discovered something he has been searching for but not yet found in any UK speaker. Tony reveals this at the end of this important briefing.

Here’s your chance to see up close and personal and discover Phil surviving a near-death experience that has added extra depth, passion and insight into his Phil-osophy and – in his challenging, engaging, and creative style – Phil delivers a highly practical tool kit of immediately useable ideas and techniques to help achieve outstanding results for your entire TEAM.

RESULTThink DecisivelyTake ActionOlley’s first book, Counting Chickens, has ‘gone international’, a second edition specially produced for an Asian audience; and his eagerly awaited new book, RESULT! Think Decisively, Take Action, Get Results, already special editions have been commissioned for both Japan and China.

One of the fundamental barriers to success for many people in dental practices today is their and YOUR inability to FOCUS on what makes your practice tick. What are the few key areas of productivity which create the results to dramatically grow your practice?

Many DCPs just SHOW UP for a busy week, but don’t really achieve RESULTS they need. At best only in a few significant areas, and wonder why they are performing below par. 

What Might You Learn From Phil…

Phil will transform your team into result-a-holics. How? By recognising the crucial areas of your business activity, which ultimately make a difference to your success, the ability to create high standards of performance, and then following through without fail. Step by step Phil unlocks the doors to results before your very eyes.

But more importantly helps your team discover it for themselves. Like watching a multicoloured shooting star for the very first time roaring across the night sky. It’s about understanding the outcomes of every action you and your people take (or don’t take!), of every patient interaction, meeting, Free Smile Audit, seeking opportunities from your day list to then be discussed at your daily huddle, of every phone call.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR DCPs RESULTS DRIVEN! For example, a Smile Advisor with a prospect. It is about identifying the results your prospect wants, and identifying the results you want … getting the business. And it’s about your performance too. Did she do it well? What about her preparation, delivery, props and visuals? Topnotch? What would she do differently next time, how can she grow, what has she learned, what didn’t go well, what needs more work and polish to get RESULTS?

You might even produce a self-feedback sheet for prospect consults. She may mark herself on preparation, level of confidence, arrival on time, personal presentation, looking the part, uncovering your prospects FEARS, FRUSTRATIONS, DESIRES @ WORK, @ HOME, @ PLAY. Was rapport built, connection, trust built through local community work, credibility displayed, and closure? How well she then presented solutions, what’s the next agreed upon steps, and so forth. You might be surprised how this level of self-analysis will help you, and her identify those things you want to do better.

Unlike most speakers on the dental circuit, Phil says being a ‘Result-a-holic’ is also about improving the important things at a strategic level in your dental practice. Most businesses will stand or fall based on the effectiveness of only a few factors. You will normally be able to identify between 5 and 7 factors, which we can refer to as your Key Result Areas. So what are these key result areas in your business? Phil will reveal all.

AT TREASURE MAP — Phil will take you and your team through a ‘BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS’ exercise. This life-changing exercise is what Tony attributes his early success to. Each team member writes down breakthrough goals on a piece of wood. Phil then shows you how to ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ that barrier to results (and by the way Tony still has the broken pieces on his bookshelf, eighteen years later, which includes selling his last night club, getting fitter, and believe it or not becoming confident).

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to witness Phil, live and in person, and turn your team into Result-A-Holics. You’ll be telling everyone how that moment in your life was the catalyst you needed to break through that big red brick wall that stands in your way.

As always, we anticipate Treasure Map selling out at a rapid pace with early registrations and requesting the three very strong bonuses we have on offer this year for early bird registration. We have no way of expanding capacity at the Manchester Hilton hosting Treasure Map, so get your skates on and register immediately.  

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What Our Attendees Say…


“We’ve managed to grow the business 100%”

In the 5 years that I’ve been working with Tony and Cally (MPOD) We have managed to grow the business 100%

David Hickey – Southport Rd Dental Practice 

“3 Months On The Trot My 3 Associates Doubled Their Private Fee Income”

JON-SWARBRIGGFarsley Dental’s Jon Swarbrigg explains why he takes his entire team to Treasure Map each year, what they take away from the event and how they implement their new ideas.

“Treasure Map Conferences are a book full of ideas. The quality of the speakers are always great, there are hundreds and hundreds of ideas to takeaway. But they are just words unless you action them, and the only way you can do that is to get your team to buy into those ideas.

For me its an investment in my team and an investment in the culture that I work in. Its the speed of implementation, its great team building event, and the team then get to drive the project forward” 

Jon Swarbrigg – Farsley Dental

“Our Team Came Back From Treasure Map 9 With A Much More Positive Mindset”


“We had a good practice, a good number of patients that were happy with us but the issue was, we weren’t getting any new patients in and the team were lacking enthusiasm.

We needed to work with a group or organisation that knew how to get our team on board and also how to tap into the patients psyche and get them to believe our practice is The Practice over and above the other 28 in our area.

I am happy to say that since we became MPOD members it has worked a treat.

We can easily say, looking at our stats of how many new calls we get, how many new hits to the website, how many new patients we get each month, has gone up multiple fold”

Khalid Masters – Bank View Smile Studios 

“I Love Coming To MPODs Treasure Map”

I love coming to MPODs Treasure Map Meetings. I always learn something new to take home to the practice. This year I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed and I am looking forward to introducing those ideas when I get back.

Teresa Day – Appledore Dental Clinic

Treasure Map 10 x 10



Find Out More About Treasure Map 2017
Please add your details to the form below or call 0113 827 2249

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